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Floctopus is a social network built for freelancers and self employed individuals - perhaps just like you! We understand how easy it is to get lost in all the paper work, invoicing, planning of your work, and searching for new projects. With our system, the management becomes effortless.

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What is


we provide all required business & financial management tools together in one place! Invoicing, Billing, Estimating, Project Management, Scheduling, Documents, Notes, Online Portfolio & CV and more are seamlessly integrated in our amazing system. And the best news is you will get all of these tools for FREE.


Here some reasons why you should use our system.

Save Money

Stop wasting money on subscriptions for many different resources. We offer all you need for free. Almost all of our functions are free..

All in one

We created really online office for freelancers.We integrated all tools, which are needed to run a freelance business. Just try it...

Social Network is not just online service with set of tools you need. It is social network which is connected people between each others

Anytime, anywhere

Floctopus works on any device. Mac, pc, desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets and more. You can work from your phone or tablet.


Extremely Powerful Features

Get Paid

No more waiting for clients to mail checks. Clients pay online through and you get the money right away!
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Online Accounting

Your accounting records are kept automatically in! Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.
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The Best CRM's CRM module helps you to better understand clients’ needs and to act in accordance with them.
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Project management

Struggling to keep track of too many projects? With Project Management all your projects can be organized properly and with efficiency.
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With instant messaging and chat you track the communication on a project so communication with team members and clients is centralized.
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Be Mobile is cloud based software, it means it can be accessed on anything that connects to the internet, and it works perfect every time!
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Job Search automatically gathers all jobs advertised on the most important freelance sites and displays them for you to avoided wasted time going to numerous sites.
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Document & Notes

Keep all of your important documents, notes, and other files associated with a project in Floctopus. The system is automatically backed up. Sleep well knowing your records are backed up.
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Reports are crucial to any business. handles all the reports for you. Get tax reports, expense reports, profit/loss, inventory sales, customer reports, and more...
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