Design 5 Pro Tips on How to Get a Remote Graphic Designer Job

5 Pro Tips on How to Get a Remote Graphic Designer Job

Graphic designer remote jobs involve many different sources of income. A definite plus is the work schedule that you set yourself. Working through the Internet at home eliminates the need to rush to the workplace by 8-9 in the morning without delay. You don’t need to run out of the house in any weather, hustling in transport at peak times. With an independent graphic designer job on the Internet, you can set a free schedule that meets your specifics. After all, someone likes to work in the morning and someone in the evening, devoting 2-3 hours a day to work.

For many, the remote work of graphic designer via the Internet in comfortable conditions is a pleasant addition to the ability to work at the schedule. For example, you can get comfortable at home, and more importantly, adjust the level of your comfort on your own. Another positive feature of working remotely at home is the saving of time and money that a traditional employee spends over the years and in large quantities to get to the office. You can use the money for the benefit of yourself and your family. A remote graphic designer job at home on the Internet, in essence, saves your time.

Remote graphic designer jobs will allow you to earn money even if you are away from home, traveling, in any city or country in the world. After all, the Internet is now available everywhere. Thanks to this feature, you will not be “attached” to a specific physical place of work. It was hard to imagine just a few decades ago. Nevertheless how to get a remote graphic designer job? Here are some tips.

  1. Resume. At one time, there was a trend when candidates for a position were forbidden to not only attach photos but even write their gender and name, so as not to stumble on racial and gender “preferences”. But now no one wants to start communicating with a “gray rectangle”. Therefore, be sure to attach a photo to the resume. Many companies do not consider resumes without photos at all. You should not show all your designer skills, paint it with different colors, and do it strictly according to the original scheme and with different images. The employer will look at your skills in the portfolio and test assignment. When a company has a lot of projects and graphic designer remote jobs, there may not be much time for reviewing a resume. So managers review it quickly.
  2. Portfolio. The first thing that customers pay attention to immediately after the resume is a portfolio. Ideally, it should be collected in one place on an online resource and does not require downloading. The main thing is to abandon all kinds of archives and links to file hosting. When an employer is looking for a new employee, he rarely has time to unzip files and download giant archives. Most likely customers will not even watch such a portfolio. On freelance exchanges, you can post information about yourself for free, including examples of work. The portfolio will come to the attention of customers if you are ready to view fresh projects daily and write job offers to customers.
  3. Cover letters. Many people send out resumes without cover letters. If you send out your resume and you don’t care where to get a graphic designer job, then there is no problem with that. If you want to work in the company of your dream or to find a nice customer then you need a cover letter. You do not need to write a lot. A few simple lines will be enough for you. Compose a letter in an easy and understandable form, but without familiarities. And always personalize your appeal.
  4. Test tasks. When you have a rich portfolio, test tasks are not required. Beginners, on the other hand, have few jobs or no portfolio at all. Be prepared for the test task, but do not spend more than two or three hours on it. You just need to demonstrate your skills. Do not draw a whole site in the evening. It is better to complete the test task quickly, because when choosing a candidate customers often pay attention to how quickly he coped with the task.
  5. Not only creativity. Remember that it is not necessary to be able to draw, but be prepared for the fact that design is not only the realization of your creative component but also serious work, design. You should not expect that you’ll get large and complex projects immediately. It will take some time before the graphic designer newcomer is entrusted with a large project, even in collaboration with a more experienced friend. First, you will have to focus on small tasks and routines. Such tasks make the brain switch more often, constantly be in motion and multitasking mode.

The graphic designer job on the Internet is work for yourself. It is freedom and the absence of unnecessary restrictions. You can choose what and how to do it. The amount of money earned is not limited to the decision of the boss. It all depends on your capabilities, your efforts and your time. Of course, not everyone can receive a stable income, because a lot depends on individual performance, perseverance, and the ability to organize graphic designer work.

At all stages of work, from the first day and after a few years, you must remain curious, look for and understand the trends, watch what is happening on the market. Do not be afraid to spend time and energy on it. Many people think that in addition to money, a beginner should also forget about a dream, work as much as possible immediately. You just need to learn how to properly allocate your time. And vice versa, you need to get enough sleep, to work less, but more productively.