Freelance 5 Reasons To Be A Freelance Journalist

5 Reasons To Be A Freelance Journalist

Freelance journalism covers the field of searching and presenting current events to the public through television, newspapers, radio and the Internet. News and journalism include research into possible events, interviewing people, collecting information from various sources for oral or written presentations to the general public.

With the advent of the Internet, more opportunities have emerged for the exchange of information on websites, social networks, and blogs. Freelance journalist jobs are difficult, but it can be incredibly exciting, and there are many freelancers who have succeeded in this matter. If you definitely want to do everything you can in order to succeed in freelance journalism, the following tips will help you.

What to consider becoming a freelance journalist?

1. Decide what you would like to write about

What kind of freelance specialist would you like to be? A journalist who lives in the grip of another news story and is ready to drop everything at any time to cover the latest incident or crime in a city or state? Or are you an independent specialist who prefers to create slowly and writes about people with an interesting biography?

2. Find topics that work best for you

The key to success is developing relationships with media companies, news sites, and monthly magazines wishing to purchase your publication.

3. Find stories by yourself

Here are some ways to find interesting stories for freelance journalist career. They always work:

  • Local stories can always become national, whether in newspaper format or online. Such news often has more momentum than you think. No one outside your city knows this information, remember this.
  • The same goes for the readable news of one country, but they can get a lot of feedback abroad.
  • Is there any event in your city/state that you know you can attend? This is a great reason to contact relevant publications to cover such an event.
  • Tell the publishers about it before you start writing because they may not be interested in your proposal. It will not hurt to share your story with several media companies.

4. Submit the work to the publisher

Did your editor indicate the number of words? Did publishers ask to send the story in a specific format? Make sure you submit your story to the editor exactly as they requested. If you do your job well, there is a good chance that this editor will work with you again. Perhaps in the future, they themselves will begin to offer you topics.

One of the difficult aspects is that you have to completely control your own finances. There is no salary as such. You are paid only for the result of the work, there is no stable payroll, of course.

Pros and cons of freelance journalist jobs

The essence of freelance journalism is in the search and processing of interesting and important information for society. Based on the collected data, news, articles, reports, radio and television broadcasts are released. In their materials, freelance journalists can draw attention to important issues, cause public debate, and reflect different points of view on any events.

Freelance journalist career is for outgoing and inquisitive people. It involves constant communication with different people and participation in events. Many journalists become famous people and opinion leaders.


  • Interesting and creative work.
  • Freelance journalists:
  • constantly communicate with interesting people.
  • travel a lot around the country and abroad.
  • lead an active lifestyle.
  • are always at the center of events.
  • often become famous people.

Also, the advantages of the profession of a journalist depend on the field in which the specialist works. For example, working with popular GEO magazines, you can visit different parts of the country and the world. One can try his best at a freelance journalist website to find such a job.


  • Often undefined working hours.
  • Often you have to work in emergency mode.
  • A great stress load.

Among the cons of the profession, one can also mention low salaries among young professionals. The need to promote yourself and make a name in order to receive high fees.

Necessary skills and pieces of knowledge

  • The ability to work with information (find, analyze, highlight the essence, compare facts, etc.).
  • Ability to speak and write competently.
  • Knowledge of media laws and journalistic ethics.

5 of the many reasons to choose this career

  1. No need to go to work. You don’t have to spend your precious hours getting to the office and back, depending on traffic jams, waiting for buses, crowding in the metro, etc. Again, there’s the saving of money: no need to spend it on public transport or car.
  2. Free schedule. Being your own boss is the best thing that can be at work. The possibility of independent action makes you the arbiter of your own luck or failure. The luxury of freely prioritizing tasks and creating your own customer base is a big advantage.
  3. There are no boundariesThe hierarchy can be good when you are at the very top, and terrible when you are just starting to work. This is especially true for work in large corporations, where climbing the corporate ladder is a rather long and complicated process. You set your goals and avoid internal competition on the path to success. Your success is in your hands! A good way to find a job is a freelance journalist website.
  4. Mobility. For some people, this is quite a decisive factor. In many cases, freelancers can move around as they wish, working from different places. The ability to travel and move around during work is a very tempting offer. You can work and travel at the same time, and leave for a warm country for the winter. After all, customers do not care where you work - the main things are the results and meeting deadlines.
  5. No dress code. Your clients absolutely do not care what you look like, what you are wearing, whether you are dressed up or not ... The main thing is the desire to work and develop. The rest are trifles that absolutely do not play any big role in freelance journalist career.