Freelance Best Ways to Choose a Freelancing Niche

Best Ways to Choose a Freelancing Niche

Freelance is the type of engagement which happens, mostly, online. Obligations to the customer are essentially the same as in the ordinary work to your supervisor. However, in this case, you will never meet your customers when decide to start freelancing, because all your interaction does not take place face to face, but exclusively via the Internet.

To maintain a good rating among freelancers and customers, it is better to do the job efficiently and on time to fit in the most profitable freelance niches. Freelancer communicates with the customer using modern means of communication: email, Skype and so on. During such negotiations, the employer gives the task and puts forward his conditions before the freelancer. One of the advantages is that the contractor and the employer can be in different cities or even countries. Freelancers are people who themselves organize their activities process. Because of these benefits, more and more people are interested in finding a freelancing niche. Moreover, because it gives an opportunity to jobs and projects on freelance platform, such as Floctopus.

Probably, many who wanted to try their hand at freelance came across the question: “What profession to choose for freelance?”. We’ll consider the basic rules of choosing the right profession to start freelancing.

Your work should bring you pleasure if you want to become a freelancer

This is probably one of the basic rules which must be followed. Why is it so important for you to enjoy your labor? Everything is simple when working on freelance, you will not have bosses who will force you to do some project and take it on time. You yourself will have to force yourself and the more you do not like the work that you do, the less you will be to finish it timely and, accordingly, you will not be able to achieve success in this direction and occupy the most profitable freelance niches.

Raise your level of professionalism deciding to start freelancing

Firstly, having decided on the direction in which you want to operate, finding freelancing niche, it is advisable to become an expert in the chosen industry. It is necessary for you to be able to perform more complex tasks and, accordingly, make more profit. There are many ways to learn: video courses, audio courses, webinars, books, how-tos, and more. With the help of all this, you can study in detail all the nuances of your profession finding a freelancing niche.

If you do not want to be engaged in self-education, then you need to enroll in courses dedicated to your specialization. There, in a fairly short time, they will give you the basics and show you in which direction to move on. But, you should not go to one-day companies' courses to become a freelancer.

Labor assessment to find the most profitable freelance niches

In order to find out what approximate salaries freelancers have in various fields of activity, you need to go to any freelance exchange and see the salary expectations of various specialists, that is, you can clearly imagine to what level you can grow when finding freelancing niche.

The lowest salary rates have entry-level copywriters and translators. Programmers, designers, and optimizers get more. In order to start freelancing, optimally choose your profession. You need to select a middle ground between the activity you like and how much you can earn on it.

Register on the freelance marketplace for finding a freelancing niche

Employers place their orders on such exchanges and freelancers fulfill them if both parties are satisfied with the working conditions. Under the terms of labor is meant the price of services, delivery time, and quality. If the freelancer wants to do the project, then he agrees with the customer. The customer may refuse the services of a definite performer. It usually happens due to a low rating of the person, or for other reasons. But, the freelancer is free to choose, also. He can select only those orders suiting him by the price, deadlines and other parameters. Thus, if one has made up his mind to become a freelancer, they have to be ready for denials and prompt decisions.

It is worth noting, in most cases, freelancers have to compete with each other because there are not enough highly-paid orders for everyone in the most profitable freelance niches. The employer must be convinced that it is you who are able to fulfill his task professionally, quickly, and cheaply. The job is not for the faint of heart, but it's worth it, as it is a real chance to get rid of the operation from 9.00 till 17.00 slavery.

The Most Profitable Freelance Niches In Terms Of Good Earnings Prospects

So, who can become a freelancer? If your profession is somehow connected with the Internet, then you can definitely realize yourself in the area even without special education. We list the most popular professions to start freelancing:

  • Programmer;
  • Designer of interfaces, sites;
  • Copywriter;
  • Rewriter;
  • Proofreader;
  • Editor;
  • Tutor;
  • Specializations associated with websites - the creation, development, layout, promotion, the content of the site;
  • The translator of English, to a lesser extent French, as well as Japanese, is in demand;
  • Specialist in 3D modeling (judging by the reviews, one of the highest-paid areas);
  • Layout designer for printing products;
  • Specialist in Flash-technologies;
  • Journalist;
  • Accountant;
  • Photographer.

These are the most profitable freelance niches, one has to consider them while deciding which specialization to choose.

Good Reasons To Start Freelancing

Absolute freedom is the main feature and plus of freelance. All the other points follow from this one: the organization of the working process and rest time, the planning of the activities schedule, the volume of order fulfillment, and so on. It is possible to carry out only the tasks and orders which you are really up to.

Fast career growth. The more you work, the better your portfolio becomes. And it is important in any profession, but on the Internet, but finding freelancing niche, it is especially important! Freelance is one of the most profitable ways to make money. The amount of earnings depends on the person and profession. It’s possible to earn up to $40,000-50,000 per year, but for definite specializations, the sum goes up to $170,000.

The most important thing, if you’ve made up your mind to become a freelancer is to be persistent, know precisely what you want and not be afraid of difficulties.