Freelance Common Mistakes in Invoices to Avoid as a Freelancer

Common Mistakes in Invoices to Avoid as a Freelancer

Today — freelance is one of the most popular areas of employment for people of various professions from around the world. Due to the unlimited potential of working on a remote basis, even creative professions such as painters and sculptors can work online thanks to modern digital tools — what prevents you from having a workshop at home and selling and promoting your services via the Internet?

One of the most problematic topics when working remotely is to pay for freelancers. Sometimes, freelancers are faced with dishonest customers who, even after 100% of the work done, refuse to pay for the project. To avoid errors when calculating with customers, it is worth paying special attention to the payment mode and installing special freelance invoicing software. In our article, we will describe the main aspects of working on a freelance platform, taking into account all the details of interaction with customers and payment for the work done.

How to Receive Payment for Freelance Work?

Paying while working on a remote basis is one of the cornerstones of the stumbling block for many, even the most highly professional freelancers. The best way to get paid for freelance work is to install software that automates sending an invoice for freelance work directly to clients or work through specialized freelance platforms (for example, Floctopus freelance platform). Due to the ability to work through a safe or pay through intermediaries, it has become possible to significantly increase the level of protection of funds of users working on a remote basis.

In order to ensure guaranteed payment while working on a freelance platform or with regular customers, you need to follow a few simple advices.

Ask for Prepayment Before You Start Working on a Project

The main rule of successive working on freelance platform is the establishment of trusting relationships with customers, especially with regular ones. But this doesn't mean, that you should crouch in front of each new client. First of all, you should discuss in detail all aspects of cooperation, including the payment mode. In the event that the project is long-term and complex, be sure to ask about the possibility of making advance payment for the project.

But this doesn't mean that prepayment is important only for large projects — even if the project is very small, in this case, it is worthwhile to wonder if the possibility of making a prepayment is available. First of all, this will significantly secure the deal and provides higher chances to get paid invoice for freelance work, and the freelancer will know that you can work with this customer on a long-term basis. In addition, on the other hand, it will show the client that he is working with a serious person who is aware of all the nuances of concluding transactions on the Internet.

The amount of prepayment is determined as a percentage of the transaction, but in the case of small projects, prepayment is possible in a purely symbolic amount — for example, the project costs 1000 rubles, then the prepayment can reach only 100-200 rubles, purely to establish trusting relationships of the freelancer and the customer. So, the best way to receive payment for freelance work is to ask for a possibility of prepayment.

Installing Freelance Invoice Software

Getting an invoice for freelance work is sometimes a very burdensome process for clients because very often they cannot constantly stay at the computer and reply to messages or monitor the progress of a remote employee. To do this, there is special software that completely automates billing — thanks to optimized functions and the broadest notification settings, such applications can be configured to automatically send messages at a time agreed with the client. For example, if you have in your hands a large project that needs to be carried out in stages, then you can set a specific time for sending work messages immediately after completing one of the task milestones, marking them via the freelance platform framework.

Installing software for working with incoming and outgoing accounts allows you to fully automate the financial analytics of your success as a freelancer. Modern accounting applications provide the broadest opportunities for presenting the most accurate analytical data on the financial success of freelancers, regardless of activity type — because different areas of activity remotely involve different forms of payment. For example, software developers and system administrators can receive large amounts of money once a month, or even six months. At the same time, copywriters can receive small amounts of money almost daily or weekly. How to receive payment for freelance work — install diverse digital tools for accounting and invoicing optimizing. It greatly facilitates workflow and makes easy to communicate about main aspects of work, including timely payments.

Use Secure Transactions

Many freelance platforms provide users with various payment reservation methods to increase the level of security of user funds. In case of delay in the deadline or in case of unsuccessful completion of the customer's order, he receives the funds back. If the freelancer has fulfilled all the obligations of the project, then the funds are credited to his personal account on the site.

How to receive payment for freelance work? Thanks to safe transactions, it becomes possible to secure both the funds of customers and freelancers because they no longer need to worry about the timely payment for the work done. In addition, many platforms for freelancers provide the ability to use the amounts reserved on users' personal accounts to acquire additional functionality — for example, to expand the portfolio or the ability to send more applications for participation in projects. Also, installing specific freelance invoicing software provides diverse options to conduct safe user transactions — for example, using various electronic payment systems. In this case, money from user transactions could be saved for a while on different online wallets and come to the contractor right after the order is completed. For such purpose, numerous applications are available on the Internet.