Freelance How Can I Find Freelance Illustrator Jobs?

How Can I Find Freelance Illustrator Jobs?

Working freelance always attracts people who are tired of sitting at one station, and struggling from a sedentary lifestyle. The pain in the body, and boring tasks gost office employees and they seek all the ways to change this situation. The same concerns the illustrators who have much potential in creativity. They need inspiration, constant motivation to draw masterpieces. What inspiration can you expect observing the industrial or residential looking landscape from the window of your company? Think about freelance illustrator career. It will bring both benefits and profit, and you will forget once and forever the boss’s criticism, and become executive of your life.

What is a Freelance Illustrator?

First of all, it is a person who belongs to himself, he is free to do any job he wants, and he earns money. Then, it is professional who knows how to draw and do sketches in the way they attract the attention of any viewer. You may wonder how to be a freelance illustrator? The opinions are usually divided. Some people learn these skills at university obtaining a degree in graphic design, others know how to do it without any courses. If you have a talent to digitize pictures drawn on your own, think about making money.

A freelance illustrator is a person who easily does any type of illustrations, design, creates covers for books, produce art content for the websites, creates prints for clothes, and deals with logos and brands. Take a look at Coca Cola logo, it is mastership of one illustrator.

If working freelance, these people have the same tasks and capabilities, but they perform them at home or whenever it is the most comfortable for them. No surprise, such an occupation brings a lot of money. But, again it depends on a person’s skills. For instance, to have a successful freelance illustrator career, it is necessary to learn design, widen the range of interest, read books from experts, and of course to know what SEO stands for. The last feature does not solely help the SEO specialists but can come in handy when you want to know how your sketch will look like on one website, and whether it is relevant content.

How to Find a Freelance Work as an Illustrator?

Telling to turn to the labor market will be the easiest way. But, to find designated platforms for freelance illustrator jobs is an ultimate solution. There are plenty of vacancies in particular for these experts. And, the best is that not only employers post there their orders but you can promote your services or mention that you are ready for collaboration. Such websites are user-friendly ones, and the registration process will not deprive you of waiting long for the first earnings.

Some tips before the application process:

  • Prepare the portfolio of illustrations or other drawn works. It can be whether digitized pictures or even references along with links to the websites where you put your hands to. If a person does not have any examples, there is no need to give in. Mention that as of now, there are no works but you are ready to pass a test assignment.
  • Copies of a diploma or other certificates. Professional labor agencies require such documents because some ordering customers want to work only with a freelance illustrator who at least has any educational background.
  • Motivation letter. This tip is extra but if a person finds one employer with whom he wants to work the most, he may draw his attention with such a move. Do not boast, present yourself at your best but modestly.
  • Think about the salary. Only in the beginning let others tell how much your illustrations are worth. After some time, a person may dictate his rates. It can be payments per project, per one sketch, or even per one hour. To choose a price matching the quality of work, find out the average salaries of your brothers in trade.
  • Ask colleagues for advice. Those people have already had their interviews and they know the tricks on how to persuade a client to choose their services. Do not hesitate also to get to know about difficulties connected with this profession, and learn how they cope with deadlines or meaningless tasks.
  • Moreover, freelance illustrator jobs can be found in social media. While you browsing the feed of Instagram or Facebook, others follow there pages dedicated to graphic design. For instance, seekers may leave a comment below one post where it says “Hello, take a look at my works.” or, separated posts that promote one illustrator.
  • You may choose two ways. The first one to ask the admins of those groups to post something about your services, or create your page where only you are responsible for promotions and attraction of employers.

What Money to Expect?

At the outset of your freelance illustrator career, do not forget that you will not cope with a luxurious lifestyle. It will take a minimum of one year to buy advanced illustrating soft instead of using free of charge one. But, step by step you may drive up the prices. At first, it is necessary to gather a clients’ database, and if possible to find regular clients who will only contact you if they need any type of sketches. And, also you should get a hand in it because drawing comics is one thing but managing the illustrations for business corporations is another level and accordingly other wages.

Averagely, the freelance illustrator receives about $20-30 per hour but this statistic is taken from the US labor market. And, it does not mean you should set exactly this price. Conduct your research, look at the examples of popular fields in illustrations, and make a huge profit. For instance, drawing sketches for business platforms will allow you to improve the technique and earn a lot of money. While creating covers for books or prints for clothes is not so popular among the youngsters who want to hit the jackpot.