Freelance How to Become a Freelance Writer

How to Become a Freelance Writer

There is a lot of work on the Internet for a freelance writer, because every day millions of new websites are designed in the vastness of the World Wide Web and all of them are filled with some kind of text. Almost all of these texts are written by authors called copywriters. Let's see who a copywriter is.

A copywriter is a person who "owns a pen and a word." In other words, this is a person who writes texts. Until a person learns to communicate telepathically, he is forced to use speech and writing. The resources on which the texts are located can be diverse: the Internet, advertising, television, printed materials and many other sources.

The goals that pursue written texts are also numerous: advertising, entertainment, news, events, history, analytics and so on. Becoming a freelance writer, you will definitely need a list of basic tips that will help you. But, firstly, you have to understand two important things:

  • Dreams of a network author’s career come to many. It attracts with a free schedule, stories about big earnings, the possibility of self-realization, and a dozen more advantages, which are simply stupid to deny. We completely agree with everyone who wants to become a successful copywriter: this profession really has a whole bunch of advantages.
  • And yet you do not need to lose your head, because copywriting has both disadvantages and a lot. For example, the monotony of work and the need to step over yourself. You must be prepared for the fact that you have to constantly force yourself to do difficult work becoming a freelance writer.
  • You have to get used to new conditions, put up with the nit-picking of customers, acquire new habits, constantly break your selfish “I”. If you think that the copywriter is his own boss, then we have to upset you - this statement is only partly true. For example, you will have to regularly force yourself to sit down and write, despite the fact that you have no desire, mood, or the project is boring and difficult, and you have a cold.

Before finally burning bridges (for example, leaving your main job) - check if you are interested in copywriting as such. Are you ready that you will sit a ton of time at the computer today, and tomorrow, and in a year, typing a series of not always interesting and fresh articles? There are a lot of examples when people quit copywriting, unable to withstand this routine and constant race.

If you’ve made up your mind, probably, these pieces of advice on how to become a freelance writer will be useful for you:

1. Master the skills of creating texts

Learn to write, first. Then learn to write better. A successful freelance writer studies, continuously, reads a lot of materials about his profession and keeps track of all the latest news.

2. Plan skillfully your work

As a rule, copywriters always have several orders at work. It is necessary to accurately plan the time in order not to miss the deadlines for delivery. Professionals do not get out of schedule. If you’ve managed to make a couple of hours of time, it is advisable to start the “tomorrow's” order. Life is unpredictable, tomorrow events may occur that crumple all plans. Or, unexpectedly, an offer to execute an urgent order arrives.

3. Master the areas adjacent to copywriting

How much does a copywriter need to know to be in demand and successful? Each author himself sets the boundaries of knowledge and continuously expands them getting started as a freelance writer.

4. Write correctly

Customers can forgive and correct a couple of undelivered or extra commas that separate false-introductory words, or an unnoticed typo. But, if all the texts are full of gross errors, everyone will hasten to refuse to work with such an author - you will not succeed!

5. Avoid negligence

This is an incredibly important tip on how to become a freelance writer. An author who respects himself and the customer never submits an article without proofreading, where punctuation marks are a kilometer away from the words to which they must be adjoined. He eliminates all the flaws of hasty typing and mistakes.

6. Learn to interact with customers

Interact in such a way that it is pleasant for any employer to work with you and it is a pity to leave, after the completion of the joint work. Correct relationships can attract new customers.

7. Make useful contacts

Good relations with colleagues will allow a freelance writer to quickly find out the answers to your questions, receive valuable tips and advice. Tediousness, malice, and criticism will not go unnoticed. It’s unpleasant for anyone to work and communicate with such people.

8. Correct relationships with different customers

That will allow you to periodically remind yourself and receive orders that they planned to give to other authors. Build favorable relationships with professionals from related fields, they can give the right piece of advice on time.

9. Build your own image

Punctuality, reliability, correctness and so on, make sure that nothing stains your career getting started as a freelance writer. Do not be offended by criticism, perceive it constructively, it helps identify and correct mistakes.

10. A temporary lack of good orders is normal to accept

There are times when regular customers disappear for a while and the flow of orders runs dry. It is profitable to work on the freelance exchange in this regard. Authors with a good rating periodically receive offers of cooperation, there is no need to search for customers on their own. You can always fish out interesting tasks there. Therefore, many people who have third-party customers do not quit exchanges, and periodically review tasks. If there are no orders, it’s nice to have a few days off, relax, and regain strength. A mini-vacation will be beneficial and will be the prevention of occupational diseases.


A successful freelance writer collects puzzles of his own progress, seeks to preserve and increase it. He forms his own brand and values the ​​image. Thanks to this, his copywriting is successful and brings a good income.