Freelance How to Choose the Best Freelance Platform in 2019?

How to Choose the Best Freelance Platform in 2019?

For today, freelance is gaining momentum all over the world. Years earlier, the main category of self-employed remote workers was programmers, now the remote cooperation model boasts its own writers, architects, marketers, designers, artists — thousands of specialties have every prospect for working on a remote basis on freelancer platform.

The most time-consuming and difficult aspect of the work of a remote employee is the regular customers' search within the customers’ database while working on the chosen freelance platform. Sometimes, the search for new projects takes even longer than their implementation, and there are times when there is no work at all, despite all the attempts and applications. «Word of mouth» search will not work here, think for yourself — how many of your friends urgently need a web designer or C++ programmer? To quickly search for projects on the Internet, the freelancer should inspect the freelance platform. Let's consider their main options and features, and list the best freelance platform among others.

Freelance Platform Features

Remote work websites and special freelancer platforms aren't just sites where customers along the world publish work offers, and freelancers apply for the right to complete a task. Modern freelance sites should differ from ordinary sites for a job search in a number of aspects and opportunities that make remote work convenient and productive.

The main distinguishing features in choosing the best website platform for freelance:

  • Convenient functionality for creating a comprehensive business profile of a remote employee on the freelance platform. First of all, in addition to the name and personal/contact information, such sites should contain several additional tabs. One of them is a portfolio. A site for an online job search should provide the opportunity to present your work in the form of a list of completed projects. It is easier for customers to make a decision, and for freelancers — it is a more appropriate way to present their working experience on the freelance platform. Also, flexible and convenient freelancer platform has a tab «Certificates», which publishes the results of passed qualification tests and certificates of specialized course completion;
  • Ample opportunity to withdraw funds. On the freelancer platform, the payment for the completed task can be performed either within the functionality of the site — the so-called «Safe» or intermediary payments — or via direct payments using e-commerce systems. Last but not least, the speed of withdrawal of funds is also should be considered. If you have to wait for the withdrawal of funds for several days, then, in this case, it is much easier to arrange on direct payment with the client, using a bank card or electronic wallet;
  • A list of other features that expand the scope of interaction between remote workers and customers within the freelance platform. Among them may be job arbitrage systems involving top experts, advanced training and language level tests, various competitions among the best freelancers and even the possibility of participating in large corporate tenders from leading companies in the world.

Now let's look at the top sites for freelancers worldwide.


Currently considered as the best freelancer platform, Upwork was formed from the merger of oDesk and Elance and is currently the largest in the world, both in the number of orders and the number of customers/freelancers on it. Registration is free, you can start working immediately. Using a freelance platform, to apply for a project you need to write the so-called cover-letter, in which it is necessary to describe how you will complete given tasks. There are 30 attempts per month to apply for the project, the rest need to be bought. You can execute both hourly orders and fixed payment orders. Upwork for now considered to be the best website platform for freelance worldwide.


  • A huge number of orders for a great variety of specialties, here you will find orders for any level of complexity and knowledge;
  • The unique option for freelancers to team up through the creation of agencies within the framework of the chosen freelance platform;
  • Convenient payout system. There are opportunities to create stages (Milestones) of development, freezing client money in order to guarantee payment to freelancers;
  • Possibility of tracking time hourly with the application-tracker from the platform.


  • Due to a large number of participants registering on the site, Upwork has tightened the registration policy and now you can be denied registration if there are so many freelancers in your specialty. It casts a shadow on the best freelancer platform in the world.

The second best website platform for freelance, after Upwork. There are hourly and fixed price orders. Not the most convenient interface in our opinion. For all registered participants, there are three different tariff plans that allow you to publish more work offers (for customers) or send more applications (for remote workers). Also, paying a premium plan provides access to some functions, such as notification of published tasks by profession and promotion of your profile among other project appliers.

The main difference is that on the freelance platform are many features that are paid. The number of applications available for submitting projects is limited by the membership plan, with gradations in value. You can buy profile and bid highlighting, profile promotion, and its advertising. If you are ready for investment at the very beginning, then with this you can clearly distinguish yourself from others. Currently, is the second best freelancer platform worldwide.


One of the best, at the moment, platforms for freelancers, the purpose of which is to combine the maximum number of digital tools necessary for productive and convenient work of freelancers.

First of all, the adaptability of the Floctopus freelance platform framework is very pleasing — it works very quickly on mobile devices and is designed to manage current tasks on the go. In fact, this is a full-fledged multifunctional application created specifically for freelancers — here you will find all the necessary options for billing customers, job management and distribution of responsibilities, time management. In addition, registered users have access to section with the publication of documents, the ability to leave notes about tasks or clients, develop a high-quality portfolio and resume are available.

As a result, both freelancers and customers have the best website platform for a freelance with their own application, greatly facilitating work on a remote basis.