Freelance Important Apps and Software for Freelancers

Important Apps and Software for Freelancers

Freelance benefits have already been appreciated by employees and hirers worldwide. Such a type of workflow organization allows you to plan time flexibly, save money on travel or rental space, and the satisfaction of both parties — both the customer and the contractor — is growing constantly. Due to the growing popularity and convenience, a remote basis is a more and more popular model of cooperation both for freelancers and companies (mostly IT field and related) each year.

Usually, remote work requires only a laptop and a convenient workplace. Also, if you want to compose a convenient freelance workflow, you need to decide on a set of freelance software. You can’t do without proper software for freelancers if you want communication with colleagues and workflow organization s to remain as accessible and organized as possible.


One of the most important aspects of working as a freelancer is communication software for freelancers with colleagues and clients. In order to keep in one place a wide contact base of regular customers and colleagues, the optimal solution would be to use special communication freelance software.

Hip Chat

HipChat is one of the leaders in the world of corporate communications and one of the best apps for freelancers at all. Hip Chat software for freelancers allows you to communicate as teams, and one on one. Basic functions are available for free: this includes constant group chat, file sharing (you can use drag-and-drop or paste from the clipboard), the ability to use integration with other services and connect an unlimited number of users. When you purchase a paid subscription, an unlimited amount of stored data, video calls, and a screen demonstration are provided.

HipChat freelance software can be integrated with more than 130 services (Jira, Trello, Google Drive, etc.). The service is aimed at business, therefore, much attention is paid to security, data storage, and convenience: there is an archive of chats and a search on it, the ability to configure access to rooms (for example, you can monitor who joins the network and what they can see when viewing correspondence), web version and mobile applications (SMS, iPhone, Android).


Slack is a convenient freelance project management software tool for communication within the team because it allows you to create both general and individual chats. Moreover, if necessary, you can invite your client or customer to join Slack. The application will save all correspondence, files sent, allow you to make notes on important messages, set up notifications for mail/phone/desktop and synchronize data on all devices. There is integration with other services: Skype, Dropbox, Google Calendar, etc. Currently, this is one of the best apps for freelancers.

Freelance Project Management Software

If you have many clients, then the number of projects will increase. It will be difficult for you alone to cope with them. On the Internet, there is a lot of useful software for freelancers that help manage a huge number of projects and tasks:


Trello software for freelancers is suitable for productive project management, primarily because it allows you to consistently monitor each stage of the task. This software for freelancers consists of boards with lists. Each board can be a process, project, or a separate task. Thus, Trello also becomes an ally of competent time management: each task is assigned to subtasks, which, in turn, can be accompanied by comments, deadlines, tags or files. Integration with other online software for freelancers services is available — Trello has plugins that allow it to be used in conjunction with other applications. For example, integration with the calendar allows you to see the deadlines set in Trello, also in your Google calendar. Currently, due to the level of popularity, Trello is one of the best apps for freelancers.


This freelance project management software is one of the latest on the Internet. The app takes a unique approach to boards, allowing users to create lists and admin panels using vibrant colors to increase productivity and compose a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

In addition, the MeisterTask software for freelancers focuses on the basic actions necessary to create tasks and manage them. It is very adaptive and has mobile versions both for iOs and Android devices. Minimalistic and reliable interface makes it simple to manage daily tasks on the go. It’s one of the best apps for freelancers for project management.


Simple time tracking service with a friendly interface. TMetric freelance project management software is designed to make managing your customer tasks and projects convenient. Despite the fact that the TMetric software for freelancers is quite simple, you can manage your tasks and projects, create client profiles and assign them to a particular project, set budgets for the project, receive detailed reports on the time spent, as well as on the money earned by those or other projects. In addition, this app integrates with popular project management systems (RedMine, Jira, Asana, Trello).

Freelance Accounting Software

All freelance projects are related to payment. Therefore, remote work requires skills in drawing up the correct invoices. Below is a list of the best accounting and billing software for freelancers that make life a lot easier:


A convenient freelance accounting software, which helps to create and send professionally drawn up invoices to a couple of clicks. It allows you to monitor the status of your accounts and incoming money so that you can know when the next payment will arrive. It tracks not only your income but also expenses in the form of convenient graphical reports.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho has established itself as a major player in the productivity market with a huge set of freelance software tools for CRM, project management and collaboration. Zoho Invoice integrates seamlessly with other Zoho products but also works great as a standalone product. Zoho freelance accounting software has a free plan for one user with no more than five clients. Ideal for a beginner freelancer who has not yet developed a large client base.


Invoicera is an online freelance accounting software management tool that helps you streamline accounting and billing processes. The application combines the functions of managing accounting, customers and the availability of goods. There are options for billing, tracking costs, and reporting.

Invoicera software for freelancers allows you to use several languages ​​and currencies. If you want to impress customers with professional looking invoices, Invoicera is what you need. It supports accepting payments from more than 20 payment systems. In addition, each client has its own web portal, where he can log in and check transactions.