Copywriting Is SEO a good career? We Said – YES

Is SEO a good career? We Said – YES

Probably, in our country there is no longer a person who does not know a simple truth: if you want to get high wages then go to work in SEO. Few people can imagine that starting a career in this field is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It does not necessarily take five years to study at the institute and three more years to search for freelance SEO jobs in low-paying positions. The main thing is to have a real desire to change your life.

We can confidently say that there is a very large selection of freelance SEO jobs online. Starting with simple projects on freelance exchanges will help you build an unrivaled career. After all, the modern world is growing at a fast pace, and it requires SEO specialists at every step. That way, you can grow from a freelance SEO consultant to a high-level specialist or even start your own business.

How to grow freelance SEO now?

If you want to try yourself in freelance SEO specialist jobs, start with creating and promoting your website. You can study the target audience, technical features of SEO, hone the quality of HTML code and copywriting skills, as well as set up “painless” experiments to test search algorithms. And when your site takes a high place in search engines, it will be the first item in your future portfolio.

What else can you do to learn SEO skills?

  • Watch online video courses on search engine optimization.
  • Read literature on freelance SEO help, internet marketing, and online business.
  • Attend free offline and online conferences.
  • Try your hand at IT, in particular, in Internet marketing and SEO.
  • Get a summer internship at an Internet marketing company: freelance SEO specialists often need an assistant for routine work - gathering a semantic core, monitoring new information, finding competitors.

Why should you look for freelance SEO jobs?

Before you begin a freelance SEO consultant career, you need to understand the positives and negatives, habits, and spend some time in the social circle. To get success, you need to know the answers to some simple questions.

How to get freelance SEO jobs online? What knowledge and skills do you need?

You only need logical thinking, attention to detail and the ability to think abstractly. Even if people do not know what a domain or hosting is, but it is interesting to them, and they can think at least a little in the abstract - they will quickly understand. SEO is one of the best professions for those who have decided to completely change their lives.

Is the portfolio a mandatory option to find freelance SEO jobs? How can an expert beginner create a good selection of successful cases?

For a junior specialist, it is much more important to have a good understanding of all stages of SEO-promotion, techniques, services, nuances. It is momentous to have logical thinking, certain human adequacy. Typically, employers understand that it is too early to request the portfolio from a beginner, but it all depends on the specific model of the company that is looking for an employee. You need to take on small freelance SEO jobs and practice your skills. This way you can formulate the portfolio yourself.

What a specialist should start with?

First, you should at least roughly understand the motivation. Of course, there is always a risk, but it is better to make an informed decision at the start: “yes, I do.” Next, you need to select courses: paid, free, online, offline - what you want. Because:

  • a) It greatly reduces the time for development.
  • b) It organizes and structures knowledge.
  • c) The requirements for freelance SEO beginners are now much higher than 6-7 years ago, and this is a normal phenomenon.

After the courses, you will be able to become a freelance SEO consultant and find a job on a special platform.

Top 8 SEO skills:

  • It’s very difficult and important to distinguish bad information from useful. A critical attitude to everything helps a lot at work.
  • Be prepared for constant change and be able to respond quickly.
  • Be able to work with data. SEO is almost equal to analytics. You need to know the basics of statistics, be able to choose data for analysis and interpret them correctly.
  • A freelance SEO consultant needs to be able to distribute time and interact with people.
  • Be able to write texts. Even if there is a cool copywriter, proofreader, editor, and content marketer, the expert should be more or less literate, understand the difference between the informational and commercial text, and know the basics of copywriting.
  • Know the basics of marketing. It is necessary to be able to single out the target and non-target demand, think over the commercial factors of the site, determine the target audience and its specifics, conduct a commercial analysis of competitors.
  • Love and be able to conduct experiments. There are no ready-made solutions in SEO. Everything is individual and constantly changing. Therefore, you need to invent hypotheses yourself and test them.
  • The ability to not give up. All the technical knowledge comes during work.

A new job is always a lot of stress and experience. Especially, when it comes to a dramatic change in the field where you want to work. You understand that you have a lot to learn, grind everything to automatism, and most importantly, don't forget about it when you find freelance SEO jobs. You need to constantly upgrade yourself, otherwise, you just hang on one point. It is important to be able to plan time structurally. And of course, you must deal with what you like best and have the ability to, and then develop it in yourself.