Copywriting Is the profession of Freelance SEO relevant now?

Is the profession of Freelance SEO relevant now?

The freelance SEO specialist is one of the most important positions in the marketing department. The person is responsible for the promotion and conversion of the site. A good freelance SEO consultant will bring your web page to the top search engines with minimal time and money. When creating a website, the specialist should remember that people should like it in the first place, and not meet the requirements of search engines.

Freelance SEO jobs are very necessary and relevant today. People can now do everything via the Internet: buy, work, have fun, study, and more. To do this, more and more sites are being created every day. The foundation of any site is content. It should be increased gradually to attract more visitors and enhance the number and duration of views. The main thing in freelance SEO jobs is to invest a lot of work and time in a successful site.


  • An extremely sought-after profession.
  • The high-level professionals have high SEO career salary.
  • The need to constantly develop and improve professional skills.
  • What do you have to do at freelance SEO jobs?

SEO-optimization by the nature of the tasks relates to the field of IT and marketing. Since various specialists participate in website promotion, each of them can be called a specialist. The freelance SEO services vary by profile. The algorithms for ranking information inside search engines can change several times a day. The experts are forced, based on their experience and knowledge, to predict the “mood” of each search engine at the moment. To promote the site in the search, they:

  • Analyze competing companies and their presence on the Internet.
  • Form a semantic core - keywords and search queries by which users will find the site.
  • Identify and correct all technical website errors made when it was launched: incorrect HTML code, incorrect page display settings, lack/duplication of Meta tags, lack of H1 headers or entire pages, website page loading speed, etc.
  • Create new content for posting on the site (or on other resources with a link to the site). Each article should be not only interesting and convenient for reading by the user, but also “transparent” in structure for the search engine.
  • Improve site navigation.
  • Increase the speed of opening pages on the site.
  • Register the site on external resources to increase the “trust” of search engines.
  • Prepare reports on the results of the promotion.
  • Monitor the site.
  • Keep track of current SEO information.

Profession Features

The freelance SEO jobs are such that a specialist can perform it both in the office and at home. There are a lot of ways of promotion, and they change regularly. All of them can be divided into two groups: work with external factors and work with internal factors. A freelance SEO consultant should be able to competently combine different optimization methods for the success of the website.

The qualified specialists are in demand today. Their work is very well paid and all professionals have an SEO career salary. This work is suitable for creative people who are ready to constantly learn and develop. Choosing this profession, you need to be prepared for routine work and great responsibility.

The expert’s income level when working with a particular resource depends on the financial capabilities of its owner and the number of changes on the site. Since optimization activities allow for remote interaction, freelance SEO experts often seek to find foreign (western) partners who usually pay more for the same work.

Who is suitable for freelance SEO jobs?

First of all, a specialist needs to have systemic thinking that allows him to consider website promotion as a complex of interrelated activities. Here, a separate procedure is important, but it alone will not provide the expected result. Besides, the specific qualities of the freelance SEO consultant include:

perseverance and patience;

  • the ability to set clear tactical objectives, control the progress of their implementation and, in general, the ability to ensure coordinated teamwork;
  • the flexibility of thinking to adapt the program of action for updates.
  • Also, this work is suitable for diligent, responsible and organized people who can plan. This profession requires a broad outlook, an understanding of psychology, the ability to put oneself in the place of another person. Purposefulness, logical thinking is also necessary. Like other activities on the Internet, this is suitable for people who can provide freelance SEO services from home.

How to get a job in SEO?

To find a job, a specialist needs to provide the customer with evidence of their level of knowledge:

  • Quality portfolio. It may contain links to customer sites or sample articles.
  • Indicators of customer sales growth “before” and “after” calling a specialist.
  • An idea of how to properly raise a resource in search engines.
  • The fundamental factor in the selection of freelance SEO consultant is successful experience in project implementation.

How a career is usually built?

Any expert can improve their qualifications within their area of activity and expand the range of competencies by “capturing” related work. Often, broad-based specialists with good organizational abilities open their mini-companies, independently finding customers and carrying out general management of freelancers hired to solve local problems.


Automation in website promotion already today successfully competes with a person’s creative approach. But regular changes to the rules in connection with the updating of search algorithms require constant conscious intervention by professionals who can develop a new strategy and optimization tactics.

Considering that changing the formats of Internet resources in the future will only complicate the “human” part of the work, the profession of a freelance SEO specialist can be called very promising.

Soon, this profession will be relevant and in demand, because search engines remain our main navigator on the Internet, and commercial companies acutely need to increase the flow of customers.