Copywriting Steps to Earn Money as an IOS Developer

Steps to Earn Money as an IOS Developer

Application development for IOS is an actively developing and very popular area. If we talk about mobile development, the competition here is about 2 times lower than among Android programmers, and the development itself does not require adaptation to a large number of different devices from different manufacturers. In the professional community, programmers actively exchange experiences in IOS developer jobs, compare the pros and cons, and some experts eventually master the work for both mobile operating systems.

The essence of making money as freelance IOS developer

The essence of earnings as an IOS app developer is to develop a mobile application, which is then monetized according to schemes. A mobile application means a special program for a smartphone that performs a particular task. For example, any game is a mobile application, it performs an entertaining function. Even if the game is free for the user, it can bring millions of dollars to the freelance IOS developer.

When choosing a direction, there are no restrictions for your creativity. The main thing is that the application should be in demand among other people and bring them some benefit, or solve some problem. A person can make a mobile application both alone when finding iOS developer jobs, having independently mastered programming skills (there are plenty of lessons and articles on the Internet), and received higher education in the field of “Programming” with further employment in the company or self-employment at home.

In general terms, the process of earning as IOS app developer can be described by the following scheme:

  • Preliminary profit calculations, the study of the target audience, competitors;
  • Mobile app development for IOS;
  • Promotion of a mobile application;
  • Monetization and revenue generation.
  • Several steps to become an IOS developer

Love mobile development

If you want to make money as a freelance IOS developer, this step is very important. The Swift language and other tools that will have to be mastered are not as simple as we would like. And it will be extremely difficult for you to master this specialty without a certain enthusiasm for mobile applications. You should also understand that you will need a Mac and iPhone. Without an iPhone, you will not be able to understand future users and see how your solution works. And the Mac is, in any case, a very high-quality technique.

Learn the basics

Swift will be the main programming language that you need to learn. It is not easy. It’s 3-4 times harder than, for example, HTML. Moreover, there is relatively little useful information on the network. This is because the language is relatively new. Another important point: you need to understand the limitations of mobile devices. IOS app developer needs to study the capabilities of the processor, the amount of RAM, battery consumption, Internet speed. At the same time, users want to use powerful and convenient applications. It is very important not only to be able to program but to understand the “pains” of future users.


Learning a programming language is a theory. To become an IOS developer is impossible without practice. The best solution after learning the basic principles of the Swift language is to start implementing own project. Even if you create the simplest calculator, your project must go through all the stages from the idea to placement on the App Store. Then you learn how to work under IOS.

IOS developer jobs searches

To get the position of junior freelance iOS developer, you need a minimum of knowledge and skills. Usually, basic knowledge of Swift is sufficient:

  • The syntax of the language, as well as basic knowledge of classes, initialization;
  • Error handling skills;
  • Work with loops, arrays, conditional statements.
  • You must pass tests for spatial thinking. This skill is important for the proper development of usability. The IOS app developer should be able to imagine how users will work with the system on various screens.

Helpful hints for a novice developer:

  • First of all, download the most popular applications of competitors, i.e. related topics to your future project. Learn them. Think about what is implemented conveniently, what is not. What could you do better?
  • Design a sketch. You can even do it with a pencil on paper. Consider how many screens you have, how you make the transition - from which screen to which, etc. Sketching and planning is an essential skill for any IOS developer jobs.
  • Think colors and design elements. For a training project, you can use ready-made buttons, styles, combine some solutions. In the future, you will either master the design skills yourself (optional), or you will collaborate with designers. But basic graphics skills will always be a plus for you.
  • Start programming. Try creating your code. This will help you to get samples for your portfolio. Get into the details and features of Swift in practice. Test your results regularly. At first, they will often differ from your expectations. This is normal because you are studying.
  • Learn the rules and add the project to the App Store. Study comments, consult with colleagues. Be patient. This step will help you learn the requirements of the App Store.
  • Search for a job on a freelance platform. This will be the perfect solution to your problems. After all, many customers want to have an app on their website, etc. Follow all the recommendations and you will be able to gain experience in this way and earn good money as a freelance IOS developer.

Programming for the mobile sphere is developing rapidly and is in great demand among the audience. We respond to emails, plan business, communicate, relax, and buy clothes or equipment using a Smartphone. If programming is your passion and you want to make life easier for hundreds of users by creating cool applications then become an IOS developer.