Who is a 3D animator?

A 3D animator is a person animating cartoons, computer games, animated videos, creating three- dimensional graphics. Although the work uses modern computer technology, it is based on the principles of classical animation. 

The profession of freelance 3D animator has become a logical continuation of the evolution of animation. It arose simultaneously with the development of programs that create three- dimensional graphics. People who love children can get such work. This specialty gives scope to the imagination and allows you to reveal creativity. But there is a certain uniformity in creating animation. Today, animators are very in demand. Their work is well paid and freelance 3D animator rates are high. 

This is due not only to the popularity of three-dimensional graphics but also to a lack of specialists. It takes a lot of time and practice to perfectly master the profession.

What are the responsibilities of a 3D animator?

 3D animator

The main responsibility of the freelance 3D animator is to create characters and inanimate objects. Besides, he discusses the details of working with the director and supervisor, and, if necessary, makes corrections. This work involves watching cartoons and videos, studying computer games. This helps to monitor new trends and better understand the specifics of the profession. 

When customers hire an animator, they require not only knowledge, but also experience with the following skills. A specialist in this field must: 

● animate objects both live and non-live; 

● have the skill to work with various special effects; 

● work with a graphical editor; 

● and much more. 

The positive aspects of this profession are its high demand since training in working with animation is not available to everyone. Only truly creative people who cannot imagine their life without creating something special are capable of this work. Also important is the fact that 3D- animators can get decent pay for their work and freelance 3D animator rates are high. 

The negative aspects of this profession include routine activities. Indeed, despite the creation of various characters, the work does not change. You do the same actions day after day. Besides, many 3D-animators quickly lose their excitement, and the work becomes just mechanical.

This work was created only for patient people, because studying, and then gaining experience, takes a lot of time. If you are a talented and creative person and don’t like to work at the office, you can register on Floctopus. It is a nice service where every customer finds a freelance 3D animator, and the animators find many interesting projects.

How to become a 3D animator?

There are many platforms like Floctopus where you can register as a specialist or even a beginner. A freelance 3D animator should have a developed imagination; have spatial thinking, analytical mind, observation, and artistic taste. He needs responsibility, determination, perseverance, attentiveness, scrupulousness. Also, you cannot do without curiosity, a good memory, the ability to notice details and openness. Of course, this profession requires the ability to draw and computer skills to create a three-dimensional image.

 A good specialist should know the basics of anatomy and psychology to accurately convey all the shades of feelings. Acting skills will be useful. Sometimes the animator has to shoot himself on camera or portray the experiences of heroes in front of a mirror to correctly depict facial expressions and gestures. For the accurate arrangement of animation keys and avoiding “floating” movements, a good sense of time is required. This profession with worthy freelance 3D animator rates will exist exactly until the moment when films, cartoons, computer games, and various advertising agencies disappear in the world.

Where to find a freelance 3D animator cheap?

3D animator

Modern life cannot do without 3D graphics, so 3d animators are very important people who put their hand in the fields of cinema, cartoons, advertising, and more. If you are a customer who wants to find a wonderful specialist cheap you can register at Floctopus and place your project here. The platform has many employees who can work in their field. 

You can choose the artist yourself, discuss the price of the work with him and be sure of the quality. After all, you can pay money only after a full review of the work. The animator may be a specialist with reviews and a good portfolio or a beginner who will offer a low price to earn first reviews and prove professionalism.

Where to find a job?

The animator is a representative of the creative profession. And, of course, the freelance 3D animator needs to have a sense of aesthetic and artistic taste. The momentous factor is a person’s communication skills too. If you cannot normally interact in a team with other people, then you can find a job at Floctopus. 

If the freelance 3D animator, like other person from any field, is a true professional in his specialty, then he will not be afraid of any crises and will always be in demand. And Floctopus helps individuals discover their skills and start making money.