The profession of a 3D artist is becoming more and more popular every day because computer technologies and the world of a graphic are developing very fast. But, the specialists who work in this area have limited career opportunities. Such a job cannot be called boring or monotonous, it’s quite interesting but you don’t get much career advancement. You can develop your skills because new programs and tools appear but the essence of your work remains unchanged. Specialists such as 3D artist are required in the marketing and advertising departments, but also there are customers who are looking for 3D character artist freelance to design a home or interior. That is, a 3D artist is a person who makes images of something that is not yet in real life. Such a specialist could be called a virtual builder who creates photographs of future home projects, advertising, layouts, etc.

Feature of work freelance 3D artist

Such work requires creativity and knowledge of certain programs. Here, a person takes drawings or diagrams and visualizes it into a specific photograph. That is, you get sketches of the future interior and an approximate plan of the arrangement of elements - your task is to make a 3D photo out of this that will look very realistic. Freelance 3D artist jobs may have certain directions but the essence of the work here is the same. Such an employee can work remotely if he has all the necessary software and a set of specific programs for creating 3D layouts. 

Also important here is not only exact knowledge of certain tools and programs but also personal qualities. For example, it is perseverance and a desire to get the final result. Mindfulness and creativity are also important. If you work with drawings and diagrams, then you need to have an idea of ​​the scale, measurements, design and other things that are important when creating a model of a house, interior or advertising layout. Such a specialty can be obtained in courses because the work of 3D character artist freelance becomes more popular than such a position in the office.

How to find a good freelance 3D artist work?

How to find a good freelance 3D artist work?

If you are looking for freelance 3D artist jobs then you need to visit trusted sites to search for remote work. These platforms are designed so that freelancers could find a good job and customers could find a reliable remote employee. A site like Floctopus creates excellent conditions for such cooperation because it is available for many countries. Freelancers from all over the world show their experience and knowledge here, so they find fairly long-term and stable projects. Also, the freelance 3D artist can visit the sites of companies that post vacancies for remote work. It can be construction, advertising and other companies that need to develop 3D models of their projects. Such work can bring good profit if you are an experienced and qualified specialist who is trying to improve his skills.

Where can a company find a freelance 3D artist?

The customer also wants to find a reliable and qualified specialist for his freelance 3D artist work. An employee of the company visits the same sites to search for remote employees. A Floctopus here can also be an excellent choice because there is all the data about freelancers so that the customer could see the experience and working conditions, as well as communicate and discuss working moments. If you want to test the capabilities of a future freelance 3D artist employee, then you can send him a test task. Floctopus created an excellent and convenient chat so that the customer and freelancer could discuss the process of their work and make changes if it would be necessary.

Freelancer Benefits

Freelancer Benefits

If you decide to look for freelance 3D artist jobs, then such work will give you many advantages because you can do it at home. You will have more time for your family, interests and other important things. Many freelance 3D artists also combine this with other work to earn more money. But you also need to understand that remote work requires responsibility and care. If you do not have enough communication, then you can discuss it with the customer and do part of the work in the office. The work of 3D character artist freelance has many benefits as for a remote specialist:

 ✔ He can work at home or take his laptop on a trip. 

✔ Such an employee can develop and learn new material. 

✔ He is independent and plans his work schedule on his own. 

✔ The income level here depends only on your time and desire to work more. 

✔ You can travel and combine work with study. 

✔ You do not have career growth but you can get an increase in your salary. 

✔ Projects can be long and stable. 

A freelance 3D artist is an interesting and demanding work that will always need qualified specialists. Many people who decide to work remotely visit courses and study this to work in the field of design and planning interior. Work at home has many advantages and disadvantages but such people have more time for other activities. Of course, there are urgent and complex projects that force the freelancer to work at night. If you want to make good money, you need to work a lot and not just 3-4 hours a day, as many people think. Remote work is your opportunity to plan your workday but you can take a day off if necessary. Freelance 3D artist work will be a great choice for you if you are a responsible, creative and qualified person who wants to work for a quality result.