Freelance Android Developer

Smartphones are becoming the most popular gadgets without them it is difficult for us to imagine our day. But who is developing all these programs, platforms and the rest of the software? Such specialists make our life easier because they improve the functionality of our device and add more useful tools there. But the freelance Android App developer has more responsibilities because it is another programming area that is developing at a very fast pace. It’s not enough here to know several programs or any specific patterns — here you need to know many different services and have a desire to improve your knowledge every day. Sure, this work is very useful for ordinary users but no one thinks how difficult it is for a specialist.

Features freelance Android developer

Such work has special requirements and conditions that should be marked by a specialist. Here you need to know the Android SDK, JetPack, RxJava 2/RxKotlin, Android Core Components, Kotlin and also understand what the principles of OOP are. Any employee in this field should have work experience with Google Services, ORM, SQLite, and git. You also need to know the REST services and JSON. If you understand what these tools are, then the freelance Android App developer will be a great choice for earning money.

 It is also important to say about personal qualities. Such specialists should be calm, non- impulsive, purposeful and assertive. Any work related to development requires attention and scrupulousness. You should be ready and know that any program or system may fail and you need to understand how to find a solution here. Also, you need to have the desire to develop and improve your knowledge because the Android platform is scaling with you. Not every employee from any country in the world can do freelance Android developer job even if he has excellent knowledge of all these functions, principles and tools. One of the mandatory requirements is knowledge of the English language at the level of technical terms.

Where to find a reliable specialist in this field?

Customers are looking for a reliable freelance Android developer jobs because they want to get their work done in a quality way. They are looking for people with experience and with examples of their finished projects. Remote work may also have a partial presence in the office to condemn work processes. But also this work can be done by a specialist at home. For this, the company goes to special sites where there are many freelancers with different levels of knowledge and experience. For example, the site Floctopus. It has all the necessary tools for customers and remote employees. They post their work conditions there and then look for a suitable freelancer. If your company wants an experienced freelance Android developer, then you can send him a simple test task before starting the main project.

How can a freelancer find a real customer?

The freelancer also wants to find a real job to get money for his knowledge. Among a wide selection of freelance Android developer jobs, he is looking for trusted sites to find remote work. A site like Floctopus will give him the opportunity to find a reliable job and maybe even a large long-term project. Knowledge in Android development is a sought-after job that is also well paid. But here you need special qualities so that the customer could get a good result on time. A freelance Android developer can also describe his skills by demonstrating his examples of work. If he wants to find a reliable customer, then it will be better to do the job very quality. Companies that work with remote employees prefer to test their knowledge before giving them a task. Here you also need to be prepared that work can be a long project and not a small task.

Benefits of freelance Android App developer

If you choose this kind of work, then you get a lot of advantages. You could develop and travel. Many freelance Android developers can work from anywhere in the world if they have a modern laptop with good software and the Internet. If you can’t work by an exact schedule and want to get a free timetable of your work, then freelancer job is the best way. More and more people are switching to remote work to find more free time for family, parents, study or interests. But becoming a freelance Android developer will also give you many other benefits:

 ✔ You will create your work plan yourself. 

✔ You could travel and explore the world. 

✔ Remote work will give you more time for your hobbies.

 ✔ A freelancer should always improve his skills and you can do it. 

✔ You can take a day off if it is necessary. 

✔ If you want more communication, you can choose a rare visit to the customer’s office to work there. 

✔ If you find it difficult to concentrate on working at home, then grab your laptop and go to the park. 

If you want to become a remote worker, then choose freelance Android developer jobs on trusted sites such as Floctopus. You need to show all your skills in this area to find a good project. You can also continue to learn because technology is developing very fast. But remote work in the field of system development will always be well-paid and in demand. Such work is very popular not only for office workers but also for the remote type of job. If you want to improve the world of smartphones then this work would be a good solution for you.