Freelance artist jobs are a great opportunity to show your skills, develop your abilities and receive additional income. This type of work is done at home using your computer or laptop. 

You can edit photos, create collages, make music or video clips - this is a good opportunity to earn money not only for professionals but also for beginners. 

Many people like to edit photos and do it very well but they don’t have enough money to open their photo studio. Becoming a freelance artist allows you to earn and save some money for your own business. Many people who have amazing artist skills but their health does not allow them to visit the office - freelancing will also be a good idea here to earn money. The modern society welcomes creative people because working at home is very convenient for both the employing company and the employee. Job freelance artist does not need to go to the office every day, and the company does not need to rent a place and pay social benefits and other necessary regulations for employees of the company specified in the labor code.

Where to find such a job?

There are many online resources where people can get work in the direction of art. It can be writing texts with the insertion of unique photos, creating photo collages, various editorial works with video or photos, developing presentations and much more. Also, such freelance artist website could have orders for the creation of posters or booklets. 

An artist freelancer will never sit without work - there are small editorial tasks on these sites for almost everyone who wants to make money online using their talent or skills. Also, freelance concept artist jobs allow you to learn new tools and expand your knowledge in the field of art. Every day, technology develops and computer programs get more features. Just 10 years ago, 

Photoshop was a real miracle in the world of photography - now you can make trivial editing of a photo through your smartphone. A Freelance artist could always develop his abilities and explore new opportunities to improve his skills. This kind of work is becoming very popular and can sometimes give a great income. Many well-known global companies even make competitions for the best work on a specific task and then give a personal monetary reward to the most creative result. There is also a freelance artist website with a main focus - to offer work for all creative and free personalities with artist skills and non-standard thinking.

Benefits of working through freelance sites

Many people think that the work of a freelancer can not be compared with work in the office. This allows you not to get up early, have more free time and be financially independent. In fact, this kind of work has certain disadvantages: the work can last all day and night, your schedule is unstable, and you can have many orders today and not have work next week. But there are also many benefits that attract people with the desire to have the freedom and do their favorite work: 

 ✔ The ability to have access to your work anywhere. 

✔ The ability to select orders, themes, payment, and deadlines. 

✔ No need to visit the office. 

✔ You create your work schedule yourself. 

✔ The opportunity to have a great income if to work more. d

✔ Work is available to all who have skills in a particular field of activity.

Why Floctopus?

Floctopus is not just a site for searching freelance concept artist jobs; it is a simple and convenient social network that connects people all over the world. The main direction of this site is to unite freelancers and help them to find interesting tasks from many companies. Here people could find freelance artist jobs in various fields of activity (not only in writing or translating articles, but also in website development, graphics, photo editing, video editing and much more). Any freelance artist employee can find a suitable task here and he may not be a professional freelancer, but a beginner. You do not need to receive subscriptions to other resources, spend money on buying a VIP account to receive more expensive tasks. Here, all functions will be free, and the interface of the site is very simple. It will be very easy - becoming a freelance artist means your independence and free work schedule. You can visit this freelance artist website not only through a PC or laptop but also through your smartphone or tablet. You will always know about new orders that have appeared on the site. This resource connects people and helps companies to find creative people to work, and a job freelance artist could earn money without leaving his house.

Who Hires Freelance Artists?

Freelance concept artist jobs are vacancies that are in demand in the modern world very much. This is a different line of business where people and companies are looking for specialists who will help them to make a specific creative project. These types of work may be different, but it is important to comply with all requirements and a non-standard and unusual approach from art, where lines, colors, pictures, fonts, inscriptions, and other components are used. There are certain areas that freelance artist is looking for to do work online: 

  • Media and TV: TV networks also need artists who can help them create a vibrant and attractive look for printed booklets, brand descriptions, show ads, and so on. Not all freelancers know that even Disney prefers to search for job freelance artist online but, of course, with certain experience in working with different graphic programs. Such work will be well paid if you show all your experience and professionalism.
  • Publishers: there are also a lot of freelance artist jobs, where companies or agencies are looking for people to make book covers for them, illustrations, magazine layouts, advertising essays and much more. Publishers are also looking for writers for articles, news, and announcements. This is called copywriting, but graphic additions may also be needed here. 
  • Websites: global commerce is a very powerful thing, for this reason, many shops, jewelry or watch companies, various services, and other offers go online. A good designer and artist will never be without work, even if he wants to work independently. Becoming a freelance artist starts here by many programs that can be downloaded almost for free – they allow you to create not only incredible graphics but also home decors, layouts of various devices, large sites, computer games and more.