Blog…  Everyone who comes across the World Wide Web is familiar with this word. We find many websites, blogs, portals, e-shops on the Internet, and every year there are more and more Internet users. Blogging is a pretty fashionable activity now. Besides, it has no restrictions: anyone can become a blogger, regardless of age or interests. All you have to do is find your audience. However, if you are already embarking on this case, you need to pay attention to all its aspects to make sure it is right for you.

What is a blog on the Internet?

There are no blogs offline. On the Internet, this is called the online diary maintained by a person, community or business firm. The purpose of blogging can be to increase personal popularity, to make money, or to communicate with other bloggers. For many authors, the blogosphere is a second life, sometimes even more interesting and meaningful than real life.

Who is a freelance article writer?

Who is a freelance article writer?

A freelance writer blog is first and foremost an individual and then copywriter and journalist. He is obliged to know and understand SEO, but in the first place, he must put the author's core, style and thought flow, and then keywords and titles. In general, this activity involves blogging that is, posting relevant content in the form of records, thoughts, as well as audio and video material. 

With the advent of the Internet, anyone can become a media personality, regardless of the place of residence, education or profession. And a freelance writer blog is the person who writes articles on the Internet. The main task of the blogger is to attract as many readers as possible and get feedback from them.

How to become a freelance article writer?

To become a professional blogger, you need to learn how to create sites, the internal mechanism of the site and how it is indexed in search engines. It is not necessary to be a journalist, it is enough to be able to write well and express your thoughts. 

  • Register on freelance exchanges like Floctopus. It is a way to find real customers. But a freelancer who is hungry for orders and new projects is never limited to their scope. Write your offer as you would like to be written to you. Indicate the exact price, term, additional conditions and guarantees. 
  • To become a successful freelance writer blog you must be creative. Potential customers should first of all recognize you and only then - the details of your offer. 
  • People hiring freelancers prefer those who not only do their job, but who truly love their craft, and strive to turn every new project into a small masterpiece. 
  • Some freelancers are willing to spend their time to personally discuss with the client the details of future work. This is, of course, a risk (after all, nobody will pay the time spent), but, on the other hand, is a great chance to get a permanent and loyal customer. 
  •  Let customers know how much you are passionate and inspired by the work - and they will see you as an ideal employee. Enthusiasm is always paid generously. Only few clients like to work with a freelance article writer who is indifferent to the job. 
  • Write for people, for visitors, not for search engines. If you have chosen a particular query or word to optimize your post, and then do it carefully, do not overfill with keys. Try to maintain the style and manner and do not turn the author's post into obscure SEO text.

Where to find freelance blog writer jobs?

Where to find freelance blog writer jobs?

If you aspire to become a blog writer and to find freelance blog writer jobs then you are worth to browse through existing platforms and re-read the materials to understand what it should look like. You can now find many blogging sites online. Businessmen need this to cover for minor items about their site's products or services. That is why the personality of a freelance article writer makes the resource recognizable, original and interesting. Many clients want the writer to also have knowledge and understanding of SEO. The filling of the resource will be informative, and with attendance and positions, everything will be ok! 

Of course, there are many companies or customers who have an online store or website where they need a blog. So they post projects on Floctopus and look for a responsible and experienced freelance writer blog. Accordingly, you can find freelance blog writer jobs and work for someone receiving no small money. You can register on the site and search for customers.

Search for specialists at Floctopus

The customers who search the freelance writer blog can hire a specialist in this field or beginner for a low price. The main purpose is to advertise the services of the client. They need a blog of this format which is run on behalf of the company and is aimed at promoting commercial interests.

If you need a blog writer you can register at Floctopus and give a project regarding company news, information about its employees and useful information that should be credible to potential buyers and business partners. One person or a team of employees can respond to your proposal as soon as the project is placed. You can select a freelance writer blog from the number of contractors for your project by viewing the portfolio, reviews, and sample of works. 

Every freelance article writer registered at Floctopus can perform blog content with interest for the visitor, own thoughts and presentation style. It is a place where every responsible employee can find a customer and every employer can get a freelance worker for a small price.