If you are a freelancer, then you want to plan your workday yourself and have financial independence. You can choose different directions in this work, but there is one very interesting vacancy for those who have excellent knowledge of grammar, stylistics, spelling, and punctuation. This is not just writing texts, it is a freelance book editor. Such work is complex and responsible in its way, but freelancers know the features of their activities. Any type of work has its difficulties, but here you need to have more care.

Book Editor Job

Book Editor Job

Anyone looking for work can find freelance book editor jobs to work remotely. Here you need more perseverance and attention to detail because working with text requires more effort. You need to read every word and understand what style the author wants to convey. Many editors have learned to “feel” the text to be able to make edits in a suitable format. 

Also, the work can be associated not only with editing the text of the book but also with the use of skills in the field of graphics and design. Many editors create a full book format from handwritten text only. Here they make an electronic format, layout, cover, footnotes, information about the author and many other items to create a full-fledged book. The book may be in electronic format and then sent for printing to the publisher. 

Many writers write a book “quickly” using their imagination and inspiration. They don’t have time to correct mistakes or look at the correct grammar. If the author wants to publish a book, then he goes to the book editor for help. This person will create an ideal book format that will be completely ready for publication.

Who is looking for such an employee?

Who is looking for such an employee

A freelance book editor is also a popular profession. Most often, book publishers or book authors are looking for such employees. It will be very convenient for the publisher to give the task remotely, except if the book is only in the handwritten version. Of course, this can also be sent by mail or courier. If the customer is nearby, then he gives the book to the editor personally. 

When the author submits his handwritten version to the publisher, he wants to have guarantees that his book will be in order. The publisher also does not want to take risks, so the company makes several copies to give it to the book editor for working remotely. If the freelancer ruins the copy, the original version will remain with the publisher or the author of the book. 

Also, a book editor can be hired by the author directly, but then the book will still go to print by the publisher. But there are authors who want to publish their book themselves so as not to pay a percentage of the company for their work on creating the full version of the book. The editor can get work from electronic libraries that fill their base with books. Such work may be partial, where the editor corrects some errors.

Where to find a freelance book editor?

Most often, freelance book editor jobs are located on special sites where there are many employees for remote work. One such site is Floctopus. There is work for all types of freelancers because the site has many customers from different fields of activity. This platform has all the necessary documents that confirm the legality of the site’s activity. The customer posts the work and indicates the terms, conditions and amount of payment. Performers want to show their work experience and can take test tasks to increase their rating and improve their skills.

Benefits of freelancer work

People who work remotely look for freelance book editor jobs on special sites. They like this type of work because it gives them many advantages as opposed to working in the office:

 ✔ Freelancers can plan their workday on their own. 

✔ They can take a day off when needed. 

✔ Salary here depends on the amount of work. 

✔ There is an opportunity to develop and learn new information. 

✔ No need to go to work early in the morning.

 ✔ The work could be combined with study and family.



Freelance book editor jobs can have different types and volumes of work but it is very interesting. You can not only work but be the first to read a book. You can also take more work of different types - not only text editing but also creating cover design or formatting. A book editor can work with a publisher or with authors to take more work and earn more money. Remote work allows you to be with your family, travel or combine it with the study. If you want more freedom in planning your day and financial independence, then the work of a book editor will be a good choice for you.