What is the book illustration?

XXI century is a beautiful period in which there are no borders. This is a time when art has grown and found modern forms of existence. And the freelance book illustrator profession has become widespread and popular too. This is a period of technology and innovation, combining the past and the future, giving us modern opportunities to improve and create something new. 

Increasingly, artists prefer modern technologies. Innovation influences the shaping of the world and art. The technological process did not bypass the book and influenced its form and methods of creation. The digital format absorbs even more fields of art and life. This process is not the opposite. Life is fully linked to technologies that are evolving every year and expanding the limits of their capabilities. 

Creating an illustration took a lot of time. Today a freelance book illustrator can create artwork in a minimal amount of time using digital technology. But a book is not just a text and an illustration is not just an image. First of all, this is not only a drawing between the text, and also an important artistic element of the decoration, which is a continuation of the whole idea. The book was created by the art of book graphics. It is the art of designing a book that complements and enriches its content. An illustration is an image that accompanies the text. A freelance book illustrator can use a drawing, a reproduction, a map, etc.

How to become an illustrator?


The work of a freelance book illustrator has gained extraordinary popularity: now everyone wants to become illustrators. It sounds romantic, almost idyllic: to be creative from morning till night. And when you achieve some success in creating beautiful drawings, why don’t you turn a hobby into a profession? 

If you think that: 

● you’re creative enough to draw from the head; 

● you can tell a story or idea with your illustration; 

● you know how to promote yourself; 

● you take criticism calmly; 

Then you can make a freelance book illustrator career. The illustration is a fantastic career path for people who like to tell stories through drawing. Designing a unique style takes time and effort, but it will be worth it. If you think you have talent, then register on Floctopus and start right now. 

First, decide on the technique in which you will work. It is widely believed that illustration involves drawing. However, there are a huge number of other techniques that are no less expressive and at the same time original and unusual, which always attracts attention. Illustrations can be made of paper and other materials and tools. If you initially chose drawing, compiled a portfolio with a large number of your works in a recognizable style and in the selected technique, then it will be very difficult to change or expand the technique used in the future. Such creative work, as an illustration, is also a business. The same laws apply here. The competition is also high and there is a fierce battle for customers. 

If you want to become a nice freelance book illustrator, try to appropriately evaluate the level of your work. Draw a few drawings on different topics. Try to come up with a variety of tasks. And then download your works in the portfolio at Floctopus.

How to earn as a book illustrator?

In addition to ordinary entrepreneurs who are engaged in their own business (in the field of sales or production - it does not matter), and employees, there are other types of workers that are something between entrepreneurs and employees - these are freelancers. A freelance book illustrator works without concluding a long-term contract with employers and is hired to perform a specific list of work. They are more in demand among customers and are listed on freelance exchanges such as Floctopus.

 Every talented person becomes a freelance book illustrator on this platform. You can work with several employers at once and fulfill orders for different clients. Illustrators are people who draw images for books of various periodicals, albums, postcards, exercise books, and more. They have to be creative enough and they cannot do without inspiration.

 The profession of freelance book illustrator attracts many people. In fact, what could be better than sitting at home, drawing for your pleasure and getting a lot of money for it? However, aspiring illustrators quickly lose their illusions at the stage of searching for first orders. But Floctopus is the place where you can find your first order easily. Customers place a lot of projects here. And if you have created a suitable portfolio and offer low prices for your work, you will quickly receive the job.

Where to Find a Good Book Illustrator?

High-quality, professional and provided in the shortest possible time artist services for books are very popular in our time. Only truly qualified illustrators will be able to carefully develop the unique, aesthetic and memorable design of a book. A professional and trained freelance book illustrator is a talented artist who is called upon to: 

● create an original and understandable design for a future illustration or sketch; 

● draw any kind of external visual image; 

● achieve complete correspondence between the content of the text being read and its visual display. 

You can search for a good artist independently; order your graphic services very quickly and at low prices using Internet resources. So, you can hire a freelance book illustrator by resorting to the information posted on the Floctopus website, where you can find:

 ✔ list and professional profiles of qualified, creative and experienced artists working in a particular locality; 

✔ all current prices for specific types of printing work; 

✔ reliable reviews of customers about the help received earlier by the artist-illustrator (including the speed and quality of work performed). 

 So sign up for Floctopus, post your projects and find a good performer.