The comic book industry has always been very popular. We can remember the Marvel universe, Star Wars, Deadpool and many others. Many films and books were based on the comics that came out first. And freelance comic book artist is a specialist who draws comics and comes up with a plot. Sometimes the customer can send the selected scenario and give drafts. But most often, the artist draws this on his own, turning simple pictures into real masterpieces, which could be sold in millions of copies then. A comic artist works in funny or serious form and can create an entire book or design only a small part of comics. 

Such painted pictures with inscriptions of heroes' replicas convey humor or talk about everyday situations, recent trends, ridicule the problems of society, talk about current events or fictional worlds. A group of people can work on creating a comic, each of which has its functions. One artist can only create an image of the main characters of a comic book, another specialist or a team of artists create different things, backgrounds and graphics, and a writer writes a script. But it’s important to note that the comic book direction was quite competitive, and you should be very talented to show your skills and to have real success. But if you choose remote drawing comic books, then most often you will already get the script and your function would be only drawing.

Features of freelance comic artist job

Most often, the creating of any comics begins with a simple pencil sketch and simple drawings or images on paper, so any specialist who wants to become a qualified freelance comic artist should use different pencils types (6H-2B). For such work, artistic abilities and incredible talent for drawing are very important. Also, such comic artist should have creativity, imagination, a good sense of humor and sleight of hands. Many comic artists start working in publishing houses by drawing simple illustrations to improve their skills and practice on simpler tasks. 

Nowadays, many comic books are created digitally, even comics of printed forms in newspapers, magazines or other publications, such specialists should know various graphic programs, such as Comic Life, Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET, Mac's Made with Mischief, and Illustrator. Many customers want to find comic artists even with knowledge of the Wacom tablet.

How to find reliable freelance comic artist jobs?

How to find reliable freelance comic artist jobs?

If you want to find a good project and work with a reliable company, then post your profile on a special site where people are looking for remote work. Floctopus is a platform for freelancers who want to find a good job and make money. There are many customers from around the world; there are also representatives of fairly large and well-known companies. You can find a good and well-paid job if you show your skills and creativity. Any freelance comic artist should have a portfolio with his works to show the customer his talent and capabilities. Also, tell about the programs you use or other ways to create comics. Show that you are a qualified specialist who loves his work and makes every order carefully and efficiently.

How can a company find a responsible and qualified comic artist?

Many freelance comic artist jobs could also be posted on special sites like Floctopus. Here customers are looking for experienced comic book artists to give their projects. The company also wants to get reliable cooperation; therefore it is looking at proven platforms for finding remote employees. Floctopus gives them an excellent opportunity to find a qualified specialist, but also the customer can write to a person to discuss with him the details of the work. Many customers send test tasks to evaluate the level of knowledge and ability of a comic book artist. Not all contractors can implement the ideas of the company; therefore it is necessary to take a test here to understand whether your cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

Benefits of remote work

Benefits of remote work

If you decided to find freelance comic artist jobs and you want to work in this area, then you should know that such job requires certain talents in drawing. Programs are also developing but pencil skills should be top-notch. Your work will be very interesting if you are a creative person who likes to give a positive mood to people. Comics can be not only funny but fantastic, adventure, romantic and others. You should understand the features of your job and also know its main benefits: 

✔ You get an interesting job that requires creativity. 

✔ You have the opportunity to plan your work time. 

✔ Each comic book is a new creation that you have made. 

✔ You will have more time for family and meetings with friends. 

✔ The income level can be rather good if you work a lot.

✔ Freelance comic artist could combine such work with study. 

✔ You will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge. 

Freelance comic book artist is an interesting and popular job. Such a specialist can work in the office or at home if he has the necessary programs and good software. He should also have a set for professional drawing and a desire to create a good interesting comic book. If you are a responsible, creative person who wants to get the best result and give this to a company, then such work will be a good choice for you. Many companies are ready to pay good money for a qualified comic book artist. You can also take small orders to improve your skills.