1. Carefully select the works you will present in the portfolio 

The most common mistake of newcomers is the desire to submit as many jobs as possible in their portfolio. This approach is only able to deter potential customers and employers. You should select only those works that you do not doubt. Otherwise, people who want to hire freelance illustrator and view portfolios may question your competence. 

2. Update your portfolio regularly 

You have not only to look at the portfolio, but also to update it regularly. Many illustrators simply do not have enough time. But at least every few weeks you should demonstrate the projects you have completed. Even the most original portfolio will not interest a potential customer unless it has been updated for several months or even years. 

3. Don't tell, but show! 

You only have a few seconds to interest in your portfolio potential clients. If you are an illustrator, design a portfolio in the style of your work. Remember that the first impression from your portfolio affects whether you receive an order or not. So try to interest the customer by your online portfolio from the first second. 

4. Take care of the navigation 

An online portfolio should encourage potential customers to hire a freelance illustrator and give orders, buy jobs, etc. Make sure your portfolio has everything the client need. Provide brief but comprehensive information about yourself. Do not forget about the contact details and links to profiles in social networks. The structure of the site portfolio should be simple and clear so that the visitor can easily find the information he needs. 

 5. Reviews 

When customers try to find a freelance illustrator, they trust other people's thoughts. Find a place in your Floctopus online portfolio for feedback on your work. Thoughts of satisfied customers will push potential customers to decide in your favor. 

The illustrator's profession is required in all areas of activity. However, not every successful and talented illustrator can find a job. So Floctopus is the solution to your job search problem. Sign up, create a portfolio, work, get reviews, and earn.

Do I need a freelance editor for hire?

Everyone needs an editor. Only professionals do work on literary proofreading books. It is very important not only to correct all errors and omissions in the text but also to prepare the source materials for printing. If you work with texts and you need to be sure that there are no errors in it, and then you can turn to freelance editor hire. He will find all inaccuracies and errors, as well as correct them. 

If the task is to control the overall quality of the text, its content, to make sure that there are no factual and semantic errors, as well as stylistic clumsiness, a freelance editor needed for you. Ideal education is the highest philological, previous experience as a literary editor. 

If you need to check the texts for compliance with technical requirements, any attentive and assiduous person will cope with this. It can be a freelance editor for hire without qualifications, but with abilities. It may even be a graduate student who is registered as a writer or editor at Floctopus.

How to choose freelance editor hire?

If you're looking for a freelance editor for hire right now - read any article, blog post, or newsletter that inspired you. Look at the name of the author, find him on social networks and make an offer. Be prepared for the fact that he will not answer or put up a sky-high price tag. If you liked his work very much, then the person is reasonable, and he is in high demand. Best of all post a job project on Floctopus: 

● Tell us about the tasks and requirements. 

● Ask for a test assignment to tell about yourself. 

● Specify a good command of the language as one of the requirements. 

 ● Ask not to apply for a vacancy with a formal resume. Or write that resumes are not considered, only stories about yourself in free form. 

● Invite candidates to read the recommendations. Reject all who do not read them. You will understand this in the first lines of the letter.

What should be a freelance editor for hire?

The editor monitors first of all the observance of the norms of the literary language and performs literary editing. Besides, editorial services include control over consistency, presentation, disclosure of topics and other issues related to the content. If grammar, speech and logical errors are found, the editor can either correct them himself or ask the author. The editor can correct speech errors in various ways taking into account the context. 

A professional involved in proofreading books should be fluent in the language of the written text, be attentive, assiduous, and ready to work with a large amount of information. As a rule, proofreaders-editors are people with a higher philological or publishing-printing education. 

Knowledge of special programs for preparing a text for printing and the specifics of the text will be an advantage for the specialist. A freelance editor needed to do their job quickly, efficiently and professionally, providing you with a text that is completely ready for future use. 

Very often, freelance editor for hire can provide text editing and proofreading services. This work does not require a constant presence at the workplace in the office. So, freelancers from different exchanges like Floctopus can be specialists in editing and proof-reading articles.

How to find and hire a professional?

You can use one of the offers presented on the Floctopus website to find a freelance editor hire for editing the text and order its services. Private freelance specialists working remotely, as well as content studios, offer their services for editing texts here. Pricing for services will vary depending on several factors: 

● Text volume 

● Deadlines 

Sometimes experts offer discounts on work with a large number of characters. And the price for making adjustments within 24 hours will be higher. Any customer who needs a freelance editor for hire can find a specialist on the Floctopus website. You can trust the professionalism of registered members and read their portfolios. You'll get all the necessary work with the compliance of recommendations professionally and efficiently.