The profession of freelance fashion illustrator is becoming more and more popular every year, as brands and companies in the field of fashion and beauty regularly need creative support from their brands. Flipping through fashion magazines, we are used to seeing colorful photoshoots of the latest collections of any illustrator, new cosmetics and accessories. But recently, an illustration has been harmoniously coexisting with this, which began to be squeezed out of the fashion world in the 30s of the XXth century, unable to withstand competition with technological progress. 

Fashion illustration has long taken a strong position in the fashion industry. The birth of this genre is dedicated to the appearance of the first women's magazines. Fashion illustrator freelance jobs are in demand nowadays.

What is fashion illustration?

fashion illustration

The world of fashion is eccentric and susceptible to the subtlest emotions born in the hearts of people. Illustration, as well as photography, poetry, music, can effectively transmit fashion trends and their changes. 

Today, the popularity of this tool is gaining momentum. Fashion houses and brands use drawings of modern freelance fashion illustrator for prints in their new collections. Well-known fashion brands, magazines, publishers and designers use illustrations in their work, including for the design of advertising campaigns.

How to begin a career as a freelance fashion illustrator?

Do you like to draw? Do you want to find fashion illustrator freelance jobs? The main thing in this profession is the ability and desire to draw. Unlike many other specializations in design, this work does not require narrow-profile knowledge. Anyone who is friends with a pencil can master this profession. You need to have the appropriate skills to get the first bold lines from under your brush or pencil on paper, which are then formed into a clear picture. You also need to master a special technique like fashion illustration for beginners. 

To become a freelance fashion illustrator is an alternative kind of earning and a better hobby. Today, this style of drawing is trending. And if you are considering an additional source of income for you, drawing can well be it. You can find customers at Floctopus and work with both brands and designers to fulfill their order. This could be the design of an advertising campaign, the creation of an invitation or brand book layout, the work of creating a notebook, glossy illustrations, greeting cards, books and, of course, the design of electronic resources on the Web. 

Floctopus is a platform that offers you searching the customers by yourself. If you register here you can see a lot of projects on your taste. So everyone (specialists and beginners) can find a job here and begin a wonderful career. For those who, all their lives, have dreamed of joining the high fashion world, having a successful career and at least one step be closer to it - Floctopus will just be the bridge to help you succeed. 

The essence of the profession 

 A modern freelance fashion illustrator creates drawings for magazine articles, assists fashion designers in creating collections, creates drawings for the text of books or makes a storyboard (series of drawings) for films, cartoons, and commercials. That is, they make the so-called storyboards. Of course, illustrations for Internet sites, wallpapers, web-icons, and avatars are all the work of a fashion illustrator. 

The main customers of fashion illustrator: 

● Publishers, editors; 

● Design bureaus and studios; 

● Advertising agencies; 

● Private individuals and private commercial organizations. 

Skills that a freelance fashion illustrator needs:

 ● To make sketches so that they did not take too much time, but the customer (which you can find on Floctopus) understood how the result would look. 

● To have skills in using special computer programs (Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, and Photoshop, etc). 

● To be able to offer at least two variants of the finished picture, which are homogeneous, but not the same. 

● Soberly calculate your strengths, cope with work on time and show sketches at the right time. 

And most importantly: a freelance fashion illustrator should have a pronounced and predictable style, as well as an inexhaustible source of imagination, in other words, a “creative fuse”.

Where to find modern illustrator?

Most illustrators work from their homes or studios. That is, they are freelancers. Therefore, you can confidently register on the freelance exchanges such as Floctopus and find contractors here for your projects. Each freelance fashion illustrator registered here has a portfolio that you can view and see reviews. Illustrators in the business of design must maintain their income and organize their clients, so they fix up their own time and work on the deadline. You can find workers cheaply. These may be beginners, however, with good professional skills. They set low prices for their work because they want to gain trust and feedback. 

Many fashion illustrators put works on their sites and portfolio sites, where they also provide all the necessary information for clients to get in touch with them. Some work with agents and search for fashion illustrator freelance jobs to increase their revenue and ordering capabilities. Quite often illustrators sell print copies of their work and various small works of art that they do on their own or with someone else's help to increase their chances of a more sustainable income. Of course, it is solely your business whether you want to sell print copies of your work, but this increases your sales potential and is often an advantage for freelancers.