Who is a fashion writer?

With the development of the Internet, many people keep blogs, live magazines, create websites, write texts for them, communicate in forums, and dream that some people like their articles. You may have already encountered such a freelance profession as a writer. This is the one who writes texts to order. 

A freelance fashion writer is a person who creates any meaningful text that touches contemporary fashion trends and has money doing it. The author often seeks to find a customer on specialized freelance exchanges like Floctopus and performs the specified task. A talented person interested in fashion who follows it can easily find freelance fashion writer jobs. It is not enough for a writer of this field to simply write the text and place it on a blog. Such individuals should have a certain range of readers who are interested in this field too.

How to Become a Professional Fashion Writer?

How to Become a Professional Fashion Writer?

Many people would like to work in a fashion magazine. However, not everyone has the opportunity. The search for a good job sometimes goes unsuccessfully. The freelance fashion writer profession is very popular today. Every talented author can find a customer related to fashion and style and write articles for the site or magazine. This way you can get a good job that interests you and stay up to date with all the fashion events. After all, to write an article about fashion a good writer must: 

  • keep up to date with all the important developments in fashion; 
  • visit interesting places and meet stylish and fashionable people; 
  • work purposefully and be interested in customer tasks. 

Freelance fashion writer jobs are a good start to enter the freelance community. Typically, the customer provides the writer with the topic of the article, keywords, determines the volume and timing. Next is your independent work: the search for materials, processing of source data, literary work. A good writer also knows SEO writing techniques, that is, he can write text in such a way that search engines will be able to easily find this article by promoting the resource where it is located, at least a little higher than with normal spelling. 

To become a truly well-sought-after and paid specialist, you need to invest time and energy in the study of the craft. You should not immediately invest in copywriting courses if you have never tried to write an article and sell it. Only knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can raise the question of training, about your professional growth. A large vocabulary, careful choice of words, attention to detail, general cultural development and the ability to learn new things are of great importance in the profession of freelance fashion writer.

Where to find a job?

The demand for the work of the writer is increasing every day. New sites are emerging - they need content, new media are emerging - they need interesting articles. So finding freelance fashion writer jobs is easy today. You can sign up at Floctopus and start working on yourself. That is, you should: 

  • Create a portfolio; add work samples that are the best. With the help of a high-quality portfolio, customers will see your writing skills. 
  • Start looking for projects you are interested in. Customers place many projects on Floctopus among which you can choose according to your preferences and opportunities.
  • Execute the project so that it gets good feedback. Clients choose the performer of their projects based on feedback from previous customers.

How to choose a writer for your site?

How to choose a writer for your site?

Any customer can easily get lost in a large number of “quality, unique and inexpensive content” offers. A client can simply give away money for order and instead receive a slightly modified text from a competitor site. Or it could be a completely unreadable mixture of words and punctuation. 

You can reduce the risk of getting a bad text to zero by carefully reading the suggestions of every freelance fashion writer on Floctopus. 

A good writer should: 

  • always write correctly - in the announcement of the services, in any correspondence; 
  • value the services above average or expensive (depends on the authority of the author); 
  • have minimal portfolio and feedback from previous customers;
  • guarantee the quality of work and money back in case of poor performance. 

If the candidate you choose meets at least the first three requirements, you can safely send him the task and make an advance. Almost all authors looking for job work on prepayment. So they try to protect themselves from negligent customers.

Floctopus is the solution for anyone

Floctopus is a place that helps every freelance fashion writer find a good customer and get a job even instead of the main one. It can be a professional and a beginner who can achieve professionalism in the course of project implementation. 

Every customer has the opportunity here to find a good author who will perform the work of any complexity and deadline. Portfolios and reviews can help clients make the right choice.