Almost every gamer at least once wanted to create a game with a world thought out to the smallest detail, filled with charismatic heroes, an original storyline and hurricane gameplay. But there is a question: how to implement all this?

Who is a freelance game artist?

A freelance video game artist is a specialist who develops a virtual design for an object, hero, or area of space (non-existent) in the genre of science fiction and fantasy. The freelance 2d artist profession is suitable for those who are interested in drawing and world art culture. A freelance game artist is involved in rendering characters and locations. As a rule, such people specialize in one thing. All serious projects begin with the concept of graphics. 

Many customers need a freelance 2d artist as an independent performer, part of a team to create sketches, or a leading specialist until the final stage of the project. They often place their orders at Floctopus because there are many talented specialists here. If you search freelance 2d artist jobs you can register here.

Profession Features

Profession Features

Most often, customers require a good freelance game artist in the field of various entertainments, while preparing the basic principles in creating video games, various entertainments with a partial (or full) immersion in virtual reality, in the film industry. Also, they need to illustrate fantasy books and stories. 


● an opportunity to realize yourself; 

● a chance to develop in a chosen direction; 

● high pay; 

● broadening the horizons through the development of skills; 

● a chance to succeed in your field; 

● many chances and platforms like Floctopus to find freelance 2d artist jobs.

What qualities should a freelance video game artist have?

2D / 3D models are used in a variety of fields: from advertising and cinema to construction and public service. Customers consider the freelance game artist to be very popular among specialists since it is impossible to imagine a modern game without 3D graphics. Specialists are engaged in the creation of character models, game locations and environmental objects. 

To become truly a pro in your field, you should adhere to several principles: 

● First, you need to be able to be flexible and adapt to new conditions, a new team and changing project requirements. 

● The ability to work in different styles, excellent knowledge of professional programs, and skills in rendering the user interface are appreciated. 

● Customers always welcome the ability to create freehand sketches. 

 A freelance video game artist can find a customer at Floctopus. With a proper understanding of the tasks set by the client, you, in general, can reach considerable heights, and expectations will be justified. For work, specialists often use traditional tools, such as paints, paper, pencils, and innovative programs such as Illustrator, and Photoshop. To attract attention in principle, a freelance game artist must have a high-quality portfolio. Since the direction is still developing, it is often possible to attract a potential employer with good work examples rather than having an education.

How to become a freelance video game artist?

How to become a freelance video game artist?

If drawing is your element, and games are a passion, then there is nothing better for you than getting into the gaming industry. It is possible but difficult. If a freelance game artist is settled in the gaming industry, it is considered that this is a great success. Game artists earn on par with technical experts. It is clear why this issue is so relevant today. 

  1. Make not just a good, but an excellent portfolio. Work on it instead of looking for practice. Try to make your portfolio work look like it was created by a full-time artist. 
  2. Choose where you will work. Start from Floctopus where you can find an understanding customer with many projects. 
  3. Decide on the style. Explore the projects and in what style they are created. Play the games, explore concept art. So you can find out the specific style in which you will need to create a portfolio. 
  4. Focus on the best. Constantly study the work of other artists. Set the bar for which you will strive. But most importantly, do not copy the style of others. 
  5. Choose the right tools. Look for programs that are right for you. This will significantly help you in your work and increase your professionalism as a freelance game artist. 
  6. Consult with experts. If you draw well, but they don’t take you anywhere, do not hesitate to ask a specialist for advice. Don’t be afraid to ask employers for a reason to refuse.

Where to find freelance 2d artist jobs?

Often, self-taught freelance game artist practices his skills in various thematic forums and online resources, in interest clubs. But the real work awaits the specialist in the creation of selling computer games, entertainment centers for creating virtual reality in special “rooms”. 

However, many customers place projects on Floctopus. It can be, for example, the development of software for online casinos, applications for smartphones based on well-known games. The film industry is most attractive to young professional freelance 2d artist. 

A freelancer can work when he can. That is, he sets his work schedule. Of course, it is difficult for beginners to find good customers at first, but there are many projects on Floctopus where you can recommend yourself. Complete a portfolio and drop some samples of your work so that the customer can appreciate your style. 

If you want to get into the gaming industry and become a nice freelance game artist, then start working on it right now. Getting to work as an artist in a gaming company is not easy, but it is possible. Start from Floctopus and the result will be good!