Who is the Game Designer?

Probably many have heard such a concept as “game designer”, “game design”. Most people often associate this term with the word “designer”, that is, one who does “beautiful”. However, many do not even know that a freelance game designer is a key object of all game projects and a key figure in every team. 

This is a specialist who meets and develops game rules and mechanics. He hears feels and can “feel” the game in his mind even before writing the first line of code. A freelance character designer is not just about giving ideas for a game project. This person is a mediator between the directors/producers and the development department. Why? The answer is simple. This specialist is essentially the director of the project, as he “invented” it, and thought over the project in terms of mechanics, that is, developed it. 

Any game designer freelance should know the following: 

  • Fundamentals of IT (Programming and Technology); 
  • Trends (market, ratings); 
  • Economy;
  • Psychology. 

The advantages of hiring a freelancer: 

  • relatively low costs; 
  • short lead times; 
  • fairly high level of quality.

Tasks and responsibilities of a designer

game designer

The key task of the freelance game designer whom you can find at Floctopus is to develop the concept of the game, its rules, content, and process. It determines what the game plot and game challenge will be, what set of actions will be offered to the player, how exactly will he interact with the game world. 

The game designer freelance from Floctopus designs the emotional experience that the player gains during the game. Rules, mechanics, sound, and other components of a game product are tools to achieve the goal. In modern game design, there are several separate specializations, among which are most often found: 

● system design - creating rules and related calculations for the game; 

● level design - the development of a game map and the elements that each game level will consist of; 

● design of game mechanics - the development of laws that govern the game world, the characteristics of its objects, and motion formulas; 

 ● balance setting - configuring the complexity of the game so that the player is not too difficult or easy to play, the levels are not too short or long. 

The freelance character designer decides what kind of game to make so that it gains the greatest possible popularity and earns the maximum amount of money. Depending on the level of responsibility, he can answer both global questions and the most mundane.

The responsibilities of a freelance game designer may include: 

✔ writing and editing a design document; 

✔ designing game rules and gameplay; 

✔ game mechanics design; 

✔ level design and assembly; 

✔ plot writing and character creation;

✔ game balance setting; 

✔ analytics of game processes and monetization; 

✔ the formation of technical tasks for artists and programmers;

✔ control and analysis of user tests.

How to become a designer of games on Floctopus?

Game design experts recommend that a beginner freelance game designer plays a lot by himself. He needs this not just for pleasure, but to understand what has been done and how much these or those ideas are in demand. To do this, it is useful to view comments on the game to understand what users like and dislike. It is very important to ask what makes the game interesting. Analyze what can be improved in a particular game and learn to explain it in detail. 

You can then sign up at Floctopus and build a portfolio. Every game designer freelance can sample his work so that customers can see the competence and evaluate his skills. Be prepared for the fact that you will probably need a larger set of skills than the one you currently have. For example, the work of a freelance character designer on creating characters may require not only graphic design skills but also basic programming skills to set all the character parameters in the game’s internal architecture. Creating game prototypes also implies the ability to work with code. 

Game development offers great prospects. This is one of the fastest-growing industries where there is a shortage of skilled workers, so if you study, you can create an effective and successful career. However, it is difficult enough to predict what will happen in the industry in a few years. The development is so fast that the freelance game designer cannot say with certainty exactly where he will find himself, but he always knows that he will like this job. 

Possible career paths for a game designer: 

✔ Grow horizontally, mastering related skills; 

✔ Become the head of the team of game designers, coordinating their work; 

✔ Become a producer - a specialist who is responsible for the global vision of the project.

Where to find the perfect freelance game designer?

Where to find the perfect freelance game designer?

The computer game industry is developing very fast. And while earlier developers were largely unintelligible to the masses of people, now this profession has become one of the most desirable. Customers can find good candidates for their projects at Floctopus. The freelance game designer registering here records information about himself that helps clients with their choices. Subsequently, the contractor has an appropriate portfolio and feedback from past customers.

 Floctopus is the liveliest and richest community of game developers and designers. On it, you can meet both just talented people and real specialists. If the client needs a specific specialist who can calculate the numbers of the economy and balance, everything related to damage, probabilities, points then Floctopus is the place where every customer can find a professional.