Who is a graphic artist?

A freelance graphic artist is a very interesting profession that allows you to plunge into the world of creativity, fine art. It requires an impeccable artistic taste, determination, and ambitiousness. Today, every publishing house needs the participation of a freelance SketchUp artist, which actualizes the demand for specialists in this profile. At the same time, not every talented artist will be able to work in this complex field of fine arts. 

The freelance graphic artist is engaged in the creation of academic works of art in graphic technology, as well as applied graphics in the field of advertising and publishing. This is a person who creates illustrations, posters, identity elements, engaged in the design of printing products. The talented people can find a freelance graphic artist job at Floctopus. 

Pros of the profession

  •  A wide selection of vacancies at Floctopus. 
  • The work is interesting, associated with constant communication. 
  • Perhaps professional development, popularity in wide or narrow circles. 
  • Remote work, the creation of copyright graphic images allows you to combine activities with travel. 
  • A respected and promising profession. 
  • A talented graphic artist will find a good job right after graduation by creating a portfolio on Floctopus.

What skills does a specialist need?

What skills does a specialist need?

Every specialist who wants to find a freelance graphic artist job needs an express passion and direction of artistic thought for success. The tasks include working with fonts, designing, creating an illustration concept, working directly on creating a visual image. The future specialist should be able to create engravings and lithographs, to have the technique of collage, photomontage, to have a high level of scientific, information competence, to be able to use modern equipment in the process of creating illustrations.

 This creative freelance graphic artist work synthesizes several areas of art. Like a theater artist, a freelance SketchUp artist must understand the meaning of the image laid down by the author, the poetic, ideological, figurative structure of literary discourse. The success of advertising, individual graphic skills depends on the imagination of its artist, who will have to make an effort to develop layouts, sketches, investing all his talent, his creativity, showing maximum patience, accuracy and perseverance. To create a sketch of illustrations that will satisfy not only the creator of the visual image but also a wide audience, the specialist needs to have a high level of formation of several key competencies: 

  • To ponder the idea, the design of the future image, to collect preliminary materials. 
  • Display creative intent, concept illustration in the form of layouts, sketches. 
  • To create authorial art discourses in the field of design of printed materials, in the art of animation, in the cinema, on television, in the field of fine art. 
  • Carry out an analysis of graphic materials; know the patterns and possibilities of combining them. 
  • Assess, evaluate works of art, printing, book publishing, and animation of commercials, cartoons, and films. 
  • At a high professional level to carry out critical activities, reviewing works of art. 
  • Carry out editorial work.

Duties of the graphic artist

The duties of the freelance SketchUp artist include the design and advertising of industrial products, the development of the trademark of the manufacturer, the design of labels for the product, the development of samples of its packaging. The success of advertising depends on the artistic taste, his imagination. A freelance graphic artist preliminarily develops a lot of sketches and layouts before he can develop an advertisement for a product that will satisfy not only him but also the customer that accepts the work. 

The freelance graphic artist work requires an excellent mastery of the drawing, good knowledge of the basic laws of decorative design on the plane and in space, and the ability to apply them in his work. The schedule should be able to complete both the sketch and the comprehensive design project in modern material; to carry out the elements of the project, use different types of font, know the photo business well.

Where to find a job?

A graphic artist is a creative profession that requires an increased concentration of attention, in- depth knowledge of the fine arts, and the skills of a manager and designer. Graphic art today is used not only in the field of book publishing or the creation of periodicals but also in interior design: ornaments, paintings. Many artists work as freelancers, the most successful of them organize exhibitions, and ordinary people sell paintings through photo stocks and take private orders at Floctopus. 

A freelance graphic artist can work in art and design factories, workshops and other enterprises for decorative design, as well as in design bureaus for the design and advertising of goods. Also, many customers place their projects at the platform Floctopus. Every person (specialist and beginner) can find a suitable freelance graphic artist job here.

You can work independently, draw illustrations or patterns and sell or place them in your Floctopus portfolio. This will increase your chances of success and you will be able to find a customer faster.

Where to find a good specialist?

good specialist

If you need a good worthy freelance graphic artist work you may place the project at Floctopus. Graphic artists seeking to work on this platform have a sense of color, fantasy, good taste, the ability to adapt their skills to the requirements of the customer. Here you can find a beginner for a low price or a specialist with a good portfolio. Most of the employees indicate such character traits as persistence, concentration skills, non-conflict, communication skills, ability to advertise their services, persistence. These features are important in the freelance graphic artist job.