Who is the interior designer?

The construction boom of the last decade has rapidly affected the services market. The interior designer freelance is one of the top 10 most popular professions of today. These specialists are something like TV stars: they broadcast, give interviews, and constantly blink on television screens. A freelance interior designer is a specialist in creating new projects of a harmonious environment to improve human living conditions. It creates a unique atmosphere, style, beauty, and coziness indoors, embodying the dream and mood of customers. 

Many different styles have evolved into various historical eras, such as hi-tech, deconstructivism, modernism and dozens more if not hundreds. A good designer will never be out of freelance interior designer jobs at Floctopus. Construction is booming: new homes and neighborhoods are emerging all the time. The number of people who want to make repairs increases in direct proportion to the number of new buildings.

What does the freelance home designer do?

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Man intuitively strives to provide maximum comfort and convenience in the room in which he spends his time. This can be an office, cabinet, apartment or cottage. The combination of coziness and tranquility for the bedroom, business environment and the least weariness for the office - all this you can achieve through the design of the interior. A good freelance architectural designer will never be out of a job. Before embarking on the drawing of curls, false ceilings or stucco, a specialist must do a lot of technical work: 

● calculate the weight of load-bearing structures; 

● to develop communication schemes and general planning decisions; 

● make all possible arrangements; Often the designer controls the progress of repair work himself. 

Besides technical knowledge, the interior designer freelance must possess decent intellectual luggage. The head of a professional is a library of styles of various eras, multiplied by the catalog of the latest innovations in the construction and the furniture industry. He must be able to protect his taste preferences with confidence in his correctness. On the other hand, every designer is a psychologist: he won’t work even on several projects on Floctopus without understanding the intrinsic motives and psychology of the customer in this field.

How to start a career of freelance home designer?

Designers usually start their careers by finding freelance interior designer jobs at Floctopus. This may even be the position of technical drafters, whose responsibilities include finishing, visualization of finished projects. Even the students of the third or fourth year of specialized universities can become a freelance interior designer. In the future, after graduating from the institute, the graduates get settled into private or public project organizations as full members of the creative team or take several projects on Floctopus and receive a nice payment.

Subsequently, each freelance architectural designer can continue to improve their knowledge and skills in the current team in conjunction with projects on the site. This can be his extra work. This kind of activity does not require much start-up capital. At a minimum, you need a powerful enough computer with the right software and a good reputation, capable of providing a stable circle of customers. Information about designers is often divulged because clients, satisfied with the project, give recommendations to friends and acquaintances.

The benefits of such a freelance profession

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The freelance interior designer jobs dictate the future in education and the job market. Nowadays, various art academies and technical universities and colleges teach this skill. So be prepared - it's not just about drawing. The designer must understand the space, the skills of precise placement of the furniture in the room, knowledge of technical standards, design principles and even the psychological impact of color and shape. 

With the help of exchanges such as Floctopus, the freelance interior designer can find several customers with whom they will constantly cooperate. Clients pass on information to each other, write good reviews and freelance architectural designer can create a “client base”, which is very important. The profession is increasingly gaining ground, and designer apartments are now trending. The specialist does not concentrate on one style but creates according to the wishes of the customer.

Where to find a good specialist?

Not everyone will be able to place furniture, appliances, or other decorations properly and conveniently so that they do not interfere with everyday life. The interior designer freelance is involved in this business so you can easily find the person on special sites. One of them is Floctopus. To do this, you can view a portfolio of professional artists, reviews and sample works. You can also chat with each freelance interior designer and find out what interests you. 

The field of activity of a designer depends largely on his priorities. He is free to choose the nature and direction of his work. Choosing a person you should discuss all the details before you start working on the project that directly affects its cost. If a freelance home designer works alone, you often have to invite interlocutors, such as sophisticated glass specialists or professionals in the field of audio and video installation. Some designers create different styles depending on the wishes of the customer, while others prefer to work exclusively in one direction. Choose the one that suits you.