Who is a journalist freelancer?

Freelancers and full-time journalists have always walked side by side. They came especially close to the digital age when a talented author can convey his work to an audience without intermediaries or sell his skills to a customer. The modern networked society provides more and more opportunities to earn. 

A freelance journalist is an activist who has not sworn allegiance to one particular editorial office. He is a mercenary in the information market and a content worker in the info society. This is an independent worker who offers his publications or its services to customers. The journalist's workday is usually busy. Observing the rapid development of technology, he is obliged to “keep up” with it, to be interested, to study and to use in everyday work.

What kind of work does a journalist do?

work does a journalist do

The work of a modern freelancer, no matter what field of activity he chooses for himself, is to search for client orders, fulfill them on time by the requirements, and, of course, receive appropriate remuneration for his work. Floctopus offers becoming a freelance journalist where the customers give many interesting projects. 

A journalist doesn't need to work while sitting in the journal’s office. This employee can quite easily work remotely, independently planning his time, looking for news and new information for articles. Modern technologies make it easy to hand over finished materials and work together with the editor. A journalist freelancer can perform any assignment: 

  • Search and rewrite different news; 
  • Literary editing of the text (analysis and evaluation of the manuscript, correction of various kinds of errors: grammatical, stylistic, compositional and others); 
  • Checking the sources of the material; 
  • Write a variety of articles; 
  • Ability to collect the necessary information for the project, etc.

Benefits of working as a freelance journalist

There are many benefits to becoming a freelance journalist. A freelance employee's schedule is flexible. So there is no reason to quit your regular job (if you like it). You can do freelance only in the evenings and weekends. In the working day, you usually go to the office. If things go well, you will be able to devote more time and strength to these extra earnings.

  • You can work at home, in another city or even in another country; 
  • There is an opportunity to independently schedule your employment; 
  • You do not need to agree on a vacation with your boss; 
  • You get decent money for your work;
  • Your salary does not depend on whether you are. 
  • You make good money (if knowledge allows) and have the opportunity to constantly improve in your business. 
  • You can make a good freelance journalist career.

Where to find freelance journalist jobs?

If you have the necessary education, want to get extra earnings and becoming a freelance journalist you can register on Floctopus. Besides, the development of digital information and communication technologies is working to expand the freelance market. Now it doesn’t matter where the person performing the work is located. Outside of editorial offices, they sometimes achieve even better results. Every person can make an excellent freelance journalist career here.

Why NOW is the best time to start?

Freelance journalist jobs are in demand nowadays. Many people have the mistaken belief that most freelancers are losers who have been unable to find a permanent job. But it turns out, it is quite different: in fact, these people are in great demand that has steadily increased. More and more customers are looking for independent individuals.

Why are customers looking for a freelance journalist?

Why are customers looking for a freelance journalist?

The job of a journalist freelancer is quite multifaceted, as people in this profession can work as correspondents, reporters, publicists, analysts, etc. Unlike people working in offices, freelancers are independent. They can take on several projects and must be responsible for their actions. After all, it is a basic income for someone. 

Customers need this, that’s why they are looking for professionals who create their wonderful freelance journalist career on Floctopus. Such freelancers are in high demand, as there is a tendency that companies need fewer and fewer staff each year. SEO freelance, which is closely linked to the Internet and information technology, has good prospects. This is due, first of all, to increase the level of automation of business tasks and safe working conditions. The employer only pays for the job.

Best result in freelance journalist career

Outside offices, the person performing the work can sometimes obtain even preferable outcomes. A team or group can be dispersed across different cities and countries. Moreover, the entry of new participants into the work is simpler and easier. A journalist retains more autonomy, works on a project basis and answers on separate tasks. 

Theoretically, anyone becoming a freelance journalist understands that is a laborious business. It needs excellent self-organization. The ability will be recognized sooner or later. That is why truly talented journalists who also have sufficient experience will be successful in freelancing. Floctopus does everything that persons without permanent work or those who want to make extra money find freelance journalist jobs according to their level of knowledge and skills. Employers can be sure that only qualified professionals are registered here. To do this, they can view information about the person, resume, work samples, and more.