Freelance Manager

Many people think that the work of a manager can only be in the office. This is the monitoring of projects, staff work, administrative duties, hiring employees and other organizational work that requires the personal presence and teamwork. But many companies are looking for managers for remote work, although the responsibilities here may be different: from project supervision to finding employees. Many large companies can have the simple work that freelance digital project manager can do. These are small projects that can be done and verified remotely. Such work requires great responsibility, attentiveness and time. For this reason, people prefer to work remotely. If your skills in organizing and monitoring projects are excellent, then you can choose this kind of work remotely.

Feature of freelance manager work

The work of such a manager can be divided into two types:

 1. Project manager freelance, who assembles a team from trusted and qualified freelancers and communicate with them from the company. They create the appropriate task, distribute the work among the group members, check, and provide the company-customer with a finished result. 

2. Representative managers who come from a freelancer. If you have a large customer base and you don’t have time to communicate with them and discuss new work, then such a manager will “collect” work from all your customers. A freelancer can only do the work, and the manager will send it to customers.

 The second type of manager is a formal position. Most often this is someone from the family, that is, a person who has the highest degree of trust and is always near you. But the first type of freelance manager is very popular for many companies that are going to work with a person remotely. There could be a lot of tasks and a lot of communication with the group, which will be under your supervision. If you are looking for freelancers for a specific work plan, then you become a link between the company and the contractor.

How to find a responsible freelance digital project manager?

If your company is looking for a project manager freelance then you can visit sites where people are looking for remote work. It can be different platforms for freelancers where there are many qualified employees for different areas of work. Floctopus is one such site. There are many educated and responsible freelancers who are looking for a job as a remote manager here. Many of these people have experience and others have the necessary character traits to do administrative work very well. Communicate with them in the chat that is on the site and discuss the terms of your cooperation. Floctopus is a reliable resource that verifies the reality of each profile from a freelance manager.

Where are reliable and real freelance manager jobs?

Almost all freelance manager jobs could be found on sites like Floctopus. But some of the freelancers visit the official websites of companies and offer their services. But the site is also a reliable and proven way to find a good customer. Floctopus gives guarantees of successful cooperation; therefore all freelancers here do not remain without work for a long time. You can find a large selection of work for different areas of activity. Show your knowledge and tell about your experience so that you could find a good and long-term project. There are many companies here who want to find a freelance digital project manager to give him part of their administrative work. The essence of the work may be different, but you should be prepared that you will need to communicate with other employees of the company and have a high level of workload.

Benefits of remote work

The project manager freelance gets certain minuses and advantages of work. The financial side is also important here, which does not depend on the amount of work (not always). The company gives various tasks that must be performed efficiently. If you are looking for remote employees for different tasks, then their shortcomings will be your responsibility. You will need to check everything yourself before sending this to the company. Be sociable, understanding, patient and attentive. You need to remember that anyone can make a mistake, try fixing it with your team. The desire to get the best result and punctuality is also important here. But the work of freelance digital project manager will give you other benefits: 

You get an interesting job and financial independence. 

Your working schedule will be individual. 

You are chatting with people from your group. 

Such work can be combined with studying, travel, and family. 

The income level can be fixed and rather good. 

Work may be ongoing, and projects may be lengthy. 

 A freelance manager is an interesting job that requires sociability, responsibility, attentiveness, and administrative skills. If you are sure that you can create a convenient and productive work plan, then such a vacancy will be a good solution. But also you need to remember that this work can be constant, that is, you will have little free time for other living things. The team works according to its timetable and you need to adapt to the schedule of other people so that the company would receive all the work on time. You also need to know that freelance manager jobs have different directions and you should be ready to work of any type and any level of complexity.