Ruby on Rails is a special framework that was created by the Ruby programming language. Its purpose is to create integration between the web server and the database server. Such a framework creates a structured Model-View-Controller template for web applications. Since this is part of programming, this is a rather complicated and attentive work that requires certain knowledge and education. 

If you want to work as freelance Ruby ​​on Rails developer then you need to get such knowledge and also develop it every day. For example, such a framework was used to create many well-known platforms: Netflix, Twitter, Hulu, Bloomberg, Upwork and others.

Features of freelance Ruby ​​on Rails developer work

Features of freelance Ruby ​​on Rails developer work

Such work can be done remotely if you have a laptop with excellent software and the necessary programs. You can work at home or visit the company office if necessary. Many specialists work remotely and send files to the customer by mail. Such work is in great demand and it is very well paid. Many developers can receive up to $400,000 per year, which is much more than ordinary programmers or application developers. 

Ruby developer freelance can be your main job if you spend a lot of time on it. Your responsibilities are the use of special mechanisms for reuse that will minimize code duplication in certain applications. The “Don’t repeat yourself” principle will work here. It is also the responsibility of such a specialist to use configuration conventions that will be typical for many applications. The principle of “Convention over configuration” will work here. If you understand what it is and what your responsibilities will be, then freelance Ruby ​​on Rails developer work will be a great choice for earning money remotely.

How to find a proven job?

If you decide to work in this direction, then you want to find a reliable customer and a highly paid project. Many freelancers visit the sites of companies where there is a section with the vacancies, but they can also visit a special resource to search for remote work. Floctopus is such a platform where freelancers are looking for work and customers are looking for a reliable specialist with experience and the necessary knowledge. 

There are all the necessary conditions for cooperation between the company and Ruby ​​developer freelance. If you have the necessary knowledge, as well as the desire to get the best result, then remote work will be a good choice for you. Also, such work requires attention and responsibility to complete the task on time. If punctuality is your quality, then you will not have problems or late orders.

Where can a company find a reliable freelance Ruby ​​on Rails developer?

Ruby ​​on Rails developer

Any company that wants to work with a person remotely must be sure that their cooperation will be reliable and effective. Finding a good employee is not always a simple matter. Companies visit different sites where there is a list of freelancers who work in different directions. A site like Floctopus will give them such an opportunity - to find a trusted and experienced employee who will do the job quickly and efficiently. 

This resource has created a good platform for convenient search Ruby ​​developer freelance which will have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience. If you want to discuss the details of cooperation, you can open a chat message. Many customers want to be confident in the professionalism of a person, so they send a test task to check the possibilities of a freelancer.

The benefits of remote work

Many freelancers choose this type of job because they want to be independent of the office’s schedule. It’s also easier for them - they can choose customers and independently plan of the amount of work. Remote work also allows you to get more time for self-development and learning new material. The level of salary here depends on the direction of work and on the amount that you can do daily. But this type of job will give you many other advantages: 

● You get financial independence and your schedule. 

● You can combine work with study. 

● It is possible to travel and take work with you. 

● You could develop your knowledge and expand the field of work. 

● Any freelancer can make a day off if it would be necessary. 

● You can visit the company’s office if you want or work only at home. 

If you want to become a freelance Ruby ​​on Rails developer, then you need to understand the features of this work and also know the main pros and cons. Any type of remote work is as complex as working in the office, but here you get more freedom. You need to be responsible to understand that your order is waiting by the company and that you cannot violate the terms or conditions of the assignment. Also, you need to do the work very carefully so that you don’t waste time fixing errors later. 

The world of programming is developing every day and any specialist is always studying new things to improve his knowledge. If you have chosen this type of remote work, then it is also important for you to know that this vacancy would be well paid. The developer uses not only a programming language but also other features to complete the task. Improve your knowledge to be an excellent and indispensable employee for the company.