Each of us faces the challenge of finding a job. We dream of high-paying interesting work in a good team. However, for the most part, we do what we don't like. The internet offers a lot of jobs and vacancies available on the Floctopus where anyone can find what he wants. 

It is difficult to find a profession that is as much in demand as freelance sales jobs. Almost every third person can try all the joys and difficulties of this business. And most people are sure they know everything about freelance sales.

The oldest profession

Freelance sales agent jobs are the oldest and most sought after professions in the world. Each year, job search companies capture the largest number of freelance sales jobs. There are quite a few trade professions in the world today. But all of them are combined by the fact that freelance sales consultant needs to know of the psychology of customer behavior and good communication skills. 

Although the freelance sales agent profession has emerged a long time ago, today, under the influence of new technological changes, it is becoming more modern. More automated systems are available in logistics, in order, in customer service. Under the influence of digital technology, a variety of applications and devices are emerging. Mobile applications allow you to check the entire production and supply chain of the product and more.

Responsibilities of a freelance sales consultant

The freelance sales agent jobs are a good start and an invaluable experience as the employee learns the business structure from the inside. Through hard work and responsibility, there is a chance that the manager will pay attention to you and transfer to the position of manager.

Large online stores organize training and participation in leadership programs. The employer wants to have motivated employees who can benefit the business and know everything inside. So if you are looking for a good freelance sales agent on Floctopus you need to know what responsibilities this person can fulfill. 

The position of freelance sales consultant involves work on two fronts. On the one hand, it is an advisor, a person to whom the buyer can turn for help in the information about the required product. On the other hand, he is an employee of a firm that is interested in improving its material well-being. And its task is to sell a product or service in any known manner.

A professional can sell goods to any online visitor to the store, even to those who doubt the choice. Moreover, he must persuade him to buy a whole bunch of related items. But the main task of this employee is to keep a balance: both to please the buyer and to enrich the firm. 

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The freelance sales consultant can:

  • Consult clients by phone, in online chat, messenger: about the assortment in the context of manufacturers, characteristics, use of goods, warranty terms, storage conditions, technical capabilities, operation, and additional services to the buyer. 
  • Manage the process of online orders, verification of payments, preparation of supporting documents, and preparation of orders. 
  • The freelance sales agent jobs can include additional responsibilities, such as customer calls after ordering, statistics collection, reporting. 
  • Knowledge of the 1C program may still be required if the responsibility is to record the goods. 
  • The consultant may sell services, his duties may include calls, inbound processing, chat support, etc.

Benefits of finding freelance sales jobs on Floctopus

The freelance sales agent must have a good understanding of the psychology of people to successfully sell the goods, as well as be able to identify the needs of customers and help them find exactly the product for which they came. In this case, both parties will enjoy the work and the purchase process. Besides, the person must be courteous and able to communicate properly. 

  • Opportunity to find freelance sales agent jobs without work experience and a college degree. There are many specialties in commerce that do not require special educational training. The most important are skills (first and foremost communicative) and personal qualities: courtesy, responsibility, motivation to learn. 
  • Constant communication. Employees in this field communicate a lot with different people: customers, suppliers, colleagues.
  • Variety. There are different areas of activity in different departments, jobs, professional and career advancement.
  • Dynamic and active work. Trading is agile and needs a quick response to customer requests.
  • Mobility. Trade establishments have a network of stores and employees can change work locations or labor remotely.
  • Flexible schedule. As there are many online shops today, it is possible to find a freelance sales job in this field at any time of the day.

Where to find sales work according to your wishes, skills, and abilities?

Demand for trade workers today exceeds supply. With the development of market laws and the disappearance of the scarcity of goods, the attitude to the profession changes and customers demand high service requirements. For the attention and commitment of consumers, managers have to compete with other institutions that provide services and sell products. So store managers carefully consider vacancies and arrange training for their employees.

Floctopus offers many freelance sales jobs for professionals such as sales consultant, agent, sales manager and many more. Employers create a lot of projects and replenish the offers on Floctopus. This helps anyone to find a job in a short period: just create a portfolio and review proposals regularly. 

A career in the job market is a successful sale of your skills and intelligence. Successful knowledge of the labor market, its laws, and its work will help you succeed. Only you and no one else will decide what job to choose and on what terms to agree. You will have to look for potential employers or they will find you on Floctopus.