Freelance SEO writer jobs are in demand nowadays. Why? 

You cannot do without text specialists in various cases whether you are creating a website, ordering a presentation, a commercial offer or an advertising booklet. It would seem that the task is simple - all you need is to find a creative person with a good imagination, who writes “well, quickly and competently.” The direction of “working with texts” is very broad and includes a lot of very different specializations. For example - naming, rewriting, copywriting, SEO-writing, term papers, dissertations, preparation of technical documentation. 

The most difficult thing is to choose the right writer for the project; otherwise, you can lose a lot of time and money. To do this, you just need to understand the specifics of the work of specialists.

Who is an SEO writer?

Who is an SEO writer?

A freelance SEO writer is a specialist in advertising texts. Even more than that, everyone who works with informational or SEO texts, that is, is involved in filling sites and filling out product cards in online stores, is also called SEO writers. 

SEO texts are an extremely powerful tool for effective website promotion. These articles optimized for popular queries, the main purpose of which is to improve the visibility of the site in search engines. They contain useful information and contain unique keywords needed to improve ranking. So any experienced freelance SEO writer is in demand today. Floctopus is a platform for searching work including freelance content writer job.

What areas do text experts work in?

On the Floctopus service, all specialists can choose a specific specialization and specify it in the profile, which simplifies the search for the author in the catalog. This helps to find freelance SEO writer jobs easier. 

Seo-texts and informational articles are one of the most demanded areas. A writer fills sites, blogs, and product cards in online stores with SEO texts. This is an incredible amount of articles that everyone needs, always, and quickly. That is why web studios grow on SEO texts. A freelance SEO writer will always be “with a piece of bread” if he does the freelance content writer job efficiently, regardless of whether he works in a team or directly with the customer through the Floctopus exchange. Although customers usually require 95 - 100% uniqueness, a writer fills sites for SEO promotion to write completely new texts for the Internet space. 

The specialist creates optimized texts for a website promotion on the network. The purpose of such articles is to bring the page to the first place in the search, thereby attracting visitors from popular search engines and improving the behavioral characteristics of the site. 

The main difference between freelance SEO writer and simple copywriter is that to write SEO texts you need to not only write unique content but: 

  • Study subject area; 
  • See the list of keywords that the SEO makes;
  •  Write easy, readable text with the entry of the desired keywords; 
  • Use heading tags, as search engines consider the words placed in them when ranking 
  • An important role is played by the position of keywords on the page, the competent use of synonyms and word forms.

What a beginner should know?

What a beginner should know?

● Understand the task of the text (Customers are willing to pay symbolic amounts for simple texts and adequately pay for material that solves their problems.) 

● Structure the text (It is important to divide the material into semantic modules and write a complete thought in each. Write down clear subheadings, according to which the reader will be guided in the article and will be able to read only the part he needs.)

● Write clearly and simple, give examples.

Where to find a specialist?

Every customer should know and understand that even the most accurate technical text will not make a casual visitor a buyer, which means that it has a very low conversion rate. If the text prompts you to buy without thinking, if it is written so interestingly that even the person, who did not plan to buy in advance, makes the order, then such text has a high conversion rate. 

An indispensable element of effective promotion of a variety of sites and topics are carefully considered, balanced and tested texts that sell. That is why the customer has the opportunity to find an excellent freelance SEO writer on Floctopus. There are so many registered users in the field of writing the text of different directions. They write any articles according to your tasks and recommendations. The author describes the desired product or service to the customer and the customer determines the size of the text, its structure, and other nuances.

Where to find freelance content writer job?

A professional freelance SEO writer can write an interesting text that brings information about a product or service to users. They share a link to such text on social networks and this helps in the promotion of the site. Website promotion with interesting articles will help to attract additional traffic. So the Internet offers many jobs. Professionals or beginners will be able to work remotely and even for customers from other countries. 

Floctopus is a service where many customers place their projects. Everyone has the opportunity to work and find clients. If you can harmoniously fill in the text key phrases and know the basics of SEO then you will find clients here. 

A freelance content writer job requires a lot of knowledge. This process of creating search engine optimized texts takes more time than writing regular blog content, and therefore the cost of SEO copywriting services is much higher. So if you want to work in this field sign up at Floctopus right now and start the search.