Who is a social media manager?

At the present stage of social development, in the era of information, many new and previously unknown professions have emerged: content manager, merchandiser, SMM manager, targeting specialist and more. Such words have flooded the labor market and continue to seep into our daily lives. Today, a freelance social media manager is a familiar profession for young people and some employers. It gives more opportunities and time. After all, this is a specialist who works on social networks to promote a brand, company or individual. 

Customers often look for this specialist to promote the company on social networks that have a relevant, targeted audience. Thus, an experienced person who knows all the nuances of advancement in social media today can develop effective strategies and lead a team of specialists can become a freelance social media manager. This profession is one of the most popular and promising in the IT industry. Besides, it requires constant dynamic training to keep abreast of the latest trends and knowledge in this area. This is a universal specialist whose activity is the professional management of people and processes within the brand’s social platform.

What does a freelance community manager do?

A freelance account manager is a person who connects the advertising agency and the client. His main duty is to make sure that the client is completely surrendered to the advertising agency. He must be the most intelligent, creative and economical. And then the account makes everything that it promises to become a reality. Also, he: 

● creates and designs corporate pages on various social networks; 

● develops a strategy for the development of the group (how users will be invited, what will be the content, frequency of posts); 

● fills the group with useful content that will attract and interest the target audience; 

● create and support communication in the community; 

● answers questions and comments of participants; 

● removes spam; 

● promotes corporate page (comes up with competitions and promotions, is responsible for advertising that should attract new members). 

If a person wants to become a freelance social media manager he must maintain and analyzes statistics on promotion, traffic increase, and conversion. He is obliged to keep up to date with the latest news, to know about trending products, to be well-versed in modern advanced as well as innovative tools. The work of a freelance community manager requires constant communication and staying online. He handles several tasks related to attracting customers from social networks, enhancing the company image, as well as recognizing and popularizing the product or service.

Where to find a freelance social media manager job?

Every day, special freelance sites post vacancies for the position of the freelance social media manager. Floctopus is one of them. Although there is great competition in this area, you still have the opportunity to find a good customer and become a full-time employee. To do this, you can create a portfolio and offer samples of your work. You can consider the marketing material. This can promote your position in the market. In the process, do not forget to study the features of social network management and its marketing. Invest in the right tools to help you become better. By promoting your business and the work of your customers through social networks, you improve the skills. So start your customer search now on Floctopus.

How to become a freelance social media manager

Almost everyone who wants to become a freelance social media manager knows that it is one of the most popular and controversial professions of recent years. Many people, from corporations to hand-made manufacturers who came up with the name of their brand are searching an intelligent and experienced freelance community manager. But every businessman asked where to find a good specialist. Floctopus is a place where many experienced freelance account managers are registered to find such a job. There are good specialists here that can perform many tasks. They have a wonderful portfolio and also they not only update your social networks but also constantly strive to improve them. Analytical thinking is a huge advantage for a candidate, as it means that he or she will constantly be looking for strategies that will increase the reach of your audience.

Advantages of freelance account manager work

✔ You can work as a freelance social media manager both in the office and remotely. In the second variant, you have a flexible schedule. This is good for both the customer and the performer. 

✔ You can take several projects and earn more than in the office. 

✔ You can master the profession fairly quickly. All you have to do is practice and follow the trends. 

✔ The customer can offer work to several freelancers and get the job done much faster by the deadline. 

✔ Creative realization: a wide range of tasks will allow you to discover your creative talents, make useful acquaintances. ✔ Opportunities to move to another area: online sales, mass media, internet marketing.

The modern profession and a wise choice with Floctopus

The freelance social media manager profession only recently came on the market and will disappear only with the Internet (which will not happen in the distant future). It offers the ability to work remotely or perform multiple projects, thereby increasing your profits. The work is multifaceted and involves continuous improvement of knowledge. So register on Floctopus and find your dream job.