Since school, we have developed a stereotype that a writer is a person who writes certain books. But time does not stand still, everything develops, changes and the term “writer” today has very respectably expanded the narrow boundaries of its meaning. Such professions as a journalist, copywriter, proofreader, editor, deserve an equal sign with the word writer. It turns out that the writer in the modern world is the author of a professional article or a unique text, a person who provides quality services for writing the necessary material for a certain cost.

Who is a freelance technical writer?

technical writer

A freelance technical writer is a person who provides services for the creation and writing of technical documentation. In simple words, this is the author and writer of technical articles (for example, a variety of user manuals, documentation for technical programs, etc.). 

This is the people who write about things that are more or less complex in technical terms. The article can concern the info about computers, mobile phones, household appliances, cars or spaceships. Moreover, the works should not be from the field of science fiction, where spaceships are fighting with each other, mobile phones are directly connected to the owner’s brain, and networked computers enslave humanity. Freelance tech writer writes about more prosaic things: how to use one or another device or program, how to install or configure them, and so on. 

Basic requirements for a technical writer: 

  • Skills for creating technical documentation. 
  • Ability to read technical documentation. 
  • Ability to analyze the work of software products.
  • Knowledge of regulatory documents and other standards for the design of technical and design documentation. 
  • Correct oral and written language. 
  • Knowledge of office software.
  • Higher education. 

Also, often technical writer freelance jobs require experience in conducting public speaking and knowledge of the oral and written language (less often than another foreign) language. 

A professional writer should have it all in view, in his professional outlook. Then his qualifications, salary and administrative position will grow at a greater or lesser rate. A specialist who possesses all of these abilities and knowledge works as a writer at Floctopus.

In what areas are technical writers in demand?

The companies that develop software or build complex networks or companies that manufacture or sell household appliances and electronics, chemical and aerospace products, robotics, etc. can hire a freelance tech writer. A specialist writing a technical article should meet the requirements: 

  • literacy; 
  • knowledge of the norms and standards of technical documentation; 
  • ability to analyze software products and their work; 
  • have the skills to read, create and write technical documentation; 
  • attention, perseverance and preferably the mathematical composition of the mind. 

Now it’s much easier to find a freelance technical writer who meets the requirements of the company. Floctopus platform will be the ultimate destination of searches. Thousands of specialists of various profiles are registered on the platform, so within 15 to 20 minutes, the customer receives offers from specialists who want to get technical writer freelance jobs. You can select the most optimal option among authors, who write a high-quality article.

Why it is worth ordering the services of a freelance technical writer at Floctopus?

● There is a huge number of performers verified by the platform managers for compliance with the declared status and having feedback on the work done from real people - users of the service; 

● The likelihood of encountering fraud is excluded; 

● Finding a suitable specialist freelance tech writer takes a minimum of time, you don’t need to go anywhere, there’s no need to study the numerous job sites with resumes posted there; 

● The customer sets prices; there is a suitable freelance technical writer at Floctopus for each indicated price.

 If you hire a freelance technical writer, you should know that you’ll have less control over that person than if you have an employee. You cannot determine the hours when he works. And, of course, you can't see the job’s hour to determine performance. However, you still pay for the work after completing it by checking its quality. You can also terminate the contract at any time.

Features of work as a freelance tech writer

Features of work as a freelance tech writer

Each area of writing has its distinctive features. They make it possible to distinguish authors of artwork from technical, advertising texts from informational, etc. A freelance technical writer should: 

✔ stick to the topic; 

✔ structure the text; 

✔ disclose the topic in detail and content; 

✔ state information in essence; 

✔ avoid narrow-profile terminology (if the audience is not prepared for this). 

There are several types of technical writers - narrow-profile and wide-profile. In the case that readers of highly specialized texts have deep knowledge in a particular topic, such authors can go into complex explanations and nuances. The general specialists have a completely different task: they must tell the consumer about the product or service simply and clearly. 

Although developers, designers, analysts, and accountants are on the list of highest-paid specialists in freelance, the technical writer freelance jobs are quite in demand and can bring a good income. 

The freelancers claim that modern technology has made working remotely much easier and more affordable. Social networks, online exchange content, and writing agencies provide an opportunity to find vacancies for both beginners and experienced professionals. In addition to the growing demand, there are other benefits of working as a freelance technical writer: 

  • You are the boss; 
  • You can work in any place convenient for you; 
  • You save time on the road to the office; 
  • You choose the number of hours and period of work; 
  • You can choose only those orders that you like. 

When taking a new task, be sure to study the topic in detail and delve into the nuances. So you can not only broaden your horizons but also improve the quality of technical writing. In Floctopus you can take the first step in the field of a technical writer at home today!