Who are freelance translators?

The development of communications and the increasing globalization have given a huge impetus to the new phenomenon in the employment market. More and more specialists from a variety of professions “go freelancing” - cease to be affiliated with one employer, and find permanent or temporary orders on the so-called freelance exchanges. There are also many people in the field of translation. A freelance translator is a person who is not a member of a government agency, commercial company, or translation firm. He is looking for orders himself and independently solves all issues related to contractual processing, payment, claims for translation, etc. Such a person can work with translation agencies as one of the sources of stable receipt of orders. But he can also find work freelance translator at Floctopus. This could be his extra earnings.

Freelance Translator vs. Translation agency

If you order a translation from an experienced, reliable freelancer, you win on several points at once. 1) Freelance translator work is significantly cheaper than the services of a translation agency. This is due, first of all, to the fact that office rent, salaries to numerous employees, maintenance staff are included in the cost of translation in the special agency. As a result, the translators (most often the same freelancers) do the work, but the cost is much higher. 2) You have the opportunity to communicate with the freelancer personally explain to him your requirements and make sure that he understands you directly through the freelance translator website. 

During the execution of the order, the translator can contact you in case of questions. 3) When choosing this direction, you can learn more about him: study his portfolio (seriously experienced workers usually have a solid portfolio and contain a variety of samples). Becoming a freelance translator, a person is interested in you choosing him as the executor of your order, so he will offer you to get acquainted with examples of his translations, as well as with recommendations from previous customers. All this is very important. But also momentous is the fact that freelance translator jobs are a modern and highly effective alternative to traditional “office” methods of work. In such areas as design, programming, copywriting, as well as the translation we are interested in, freelance translator work is rapidly reaching the first positions, ahead of various organizations both in terms of efficiency and cost of services.

What does a freelance translator need to know?

If you have a good command of a foreign language and want to make money as a freelance translator, then you need to understand what requirements you must meet to be able to work as a freelancer. Freelance translator jobs have huge advantages. It allows you to realize yourself from the creative side, constantly solve different tasks, and independently plan your workload. Besides, a qualified freelancer can make a pretty good profit. The hardest part of this direction is finding your customers. There is a nice freelance translator website for this aim. Floctopus is for people who want to work and are responsible for their execution. 

This site helps to find work freelance translator. But, of course, if you are just starting your career and you do not have a guaranteed good reputation and a certain number of clients with a successful track record; you will certainly have difficulty in the first phase. But this is only at the beginning. You ought to independently control the terms of order fulfillment and to ensure a decent quality of the work.

What should the customer know?

A customer who collaborates with a freelancer on freelance source must consider some factors: ● If you need a translation, especially an urgent one, keep in mind that you will get a good translation even though proofreaders and editors do not check it. The person is responsible for the quality because he receives the money for it. ● A freelancer can ask for a much lower price, adhering to the terms of operation. ● You have the opportunity to collaborate with different freelancers at the same time and get a lot more work at a high level. ● There are many beginners at Floctopus. Although becoming a specialist the person does not have enough experience, he can learn to do the job on your terms. And at the same time, he will not require much money.

5 tips to find work freelance translator

1. Be known. You need to talk about yourself on social networks, forums so that customers know about you and your services. Use the services of advertising agencies if you can afford it. 2. Conduct yourself as a professional translator. Set a reasonable price for your services, make high-quality translations, and be a professional to keep your customers happy with your commitment. Never agree to a job that you are not qualified enough to do or that you will not be able to complete on time - this may not have a favorable effect on your feedback. 3. Use a time correctly. This is extremely important. Find your pace. 4. Work hard. Just like in any other business, you have to work a lot to be successful. Sometimes you may have to work nights, weekends and holidays. 5. Register on the exchanges as Floctopus. Here you will be able to choose a project that you like. Many customers are looking for talented performers. Floctopus offers many options where every specialist can find work freelance translator. The specialization comes with experience, and very often it is chosen not by the translators themselves, but by the clients, who periodically submit texts of the same subject for processing.