Who is a video editor and what does he do?

video editor

The freelance video editor work is in demand. It is promising. Video editing specialists work on television, in movie studios or are becoming a freelance video editor. From a variety of captured fragments, the video editor collects the finished video, film, plot for transmission, video for YouTube, a wedding film, etc. A freelance video editor is a specialist working with video material. The final stage of performing of any video production is editing, i.e. connection of various fragments, scenes into a single material. The duties of the video editor include: 

● selection of the most successful fragments from the hole video; 

● cutting them; 

● connection of various video fragments; 

● creating different transitions; 

● adding musical compositions, captions, signatures. 

The freelance video editor jobs have a creative component. A good specialist knows how to correctly place accents, make video attractive to the viewer, use various effects. Such freelance video editor work is in demand in various fields, for example, on television, the film industry, the advertising business, the event sphere (video editing from weddings, corporate parties) and others. The profession of a video editor has been relevant since the creation of video equipment. The video processing work includes the following steps: 

✔ capture (digitization of fragments of the file), allowing you to edit the movie frame by frame; 

✔ editing - connecting fragments into a single, sequential video sequence; at this stage, unnecessary frames are cut out to focus the viewer's attention on the most important thing; 

✔ color correction - setting the visual style of the image; 

✔ graphics overlay - drawing schemes, developing 2D or 3D graphics; 

✔ a text adding and sound overlay; 

✔ saving of the file in the desired format. Prices for services depend on the format of the source material and the complexity of the order. Typically, the cost is calculated individually.

Where to find freelance video editor jobs?

On Floctopus you will find a large selection of diverse freelance video editor work related to video editing. Video operators who do not cope with a large amount of work are often customers. Therefore, they are looking for help with freelance portals. Large companies may also be your employers. Freelance video editor who applies for high-paying jobs should be as savvy as possible. The video editor has a fairly large selection of what kind of content to work with. 

To get a job, you need a portfolio. If you have not yet completed a single order, perform a few clips and select the best so that there is something to show potential customers and employers. The first paid applications can be obtained on the recommendation of your friends and acquaintances, on freelance exchanges and the site Floctopus.

Who can become a freelance video editor?

freelance video editor

A professional freelance fcp editor skillfully adapts to any field of activity. The ambitious personalities get the widest possible opportunities in this area and can more quickly improve their skills. With the effect of quality, you need to fill out your profile and portfolio. Creative individuals are becoming a freelance video editor. 

The customer, after viewing your data, should be eager to cooperate with you, so do not spare your time and efforts. You need to present yourself as a responsible and serious freelance video editor who is ready to provide his services. 

Having managed to do this, it is possible to receive orders even from foreign employers. Video editing is considered, at the moment, one of the most sought after and highly paid professions. But for this, you will need to become the best of the best. You must be a fan of what you do. You can engage in parallel and doing videos, and editing. It all depends on your desire. And if you will be freelance fcp editor you’ll have a much lovelier job.

Where to find the preferable freelance fcp editor?

Creation of commercials, video greetings, product presentations, selection of color schemes, video editing, adding animation and computer graphics - all these services are provided by professional freelancers of Floctopus. Becoming a freelance video editor a person performs high-quality work, performed by the terms of reference. It will make all the transitions between fragments invisible, and the entire composition sustained in style and holistic in content. 

Floctopus creates convenient opportunities for hiring remote employees through the network. Freelancers versed in video processing will be an ideal option for you, thanks to the low prices for services and good final quality of work.

What are the pros of the freelance video editor profession?

freelance video editor profession

Many talented professionals are often on the lookout of freelance video editor jobs. There are many advantages to it: 

● Creative work. 

● Possibility of a free work schedule. 

● Various subjects and lack of monotony. 

● Continuous development and study of new graphic media developments. 

● Decent salary.

Why is freelance video editing so popular?

Recently, technological progress is increasingly being introduced into our daily lives: ⮚ few people read newspapers because instead of them there are smartphones with all the news; 

  • television is also not in demand since you can watch everything on the Web; 
  • most smartphones have a top-quality camera, and most of the media products are made specifically by phones or other compact devices; 
  • any freelance video editor can do what he loves, make a video, put it on the Internet and make money on it.

 If you have the skills not only to process but also to shoot videos, you can periodically receive orders at a wedding or other event. Moreover, such earnings are not tied to a specific place. The main condition is the availability of a computer with a program for editing. Freelancers have the opportunity to travel a lot: a free schedule allows them to do so.