Who is a writer?

The writer is an unusual and interesting profession. It seems that the writers are the people of choice. This is a person who writes articles and creates unique content. Anyone can write and publish an article today if he wants this. What's more, you can create an online version and sell it online or even do freelance writer jobs as writing thematic texts for sites. This person can be universal - to write on any topic or be a narrow specialist - to work only in a certain niche. The profession required the preparing of unique texts, special author's style and no “copy-paste” (plagiarism from other sites).

How to start working as a writer?

Writing texts is one of the most popular ways to make money and to find a freelance work writer on the Internet. It is enough to have a computer and the Internet and have a good command of the native and other (if necessary) language. You must:

 ● Register on special freelance writer market as Floctopus;

 ● Understand what text uniqueness is and how to achieve it. There are many anti- plagiarism programs to check it. If you write “from the head”, uniqueness will be 100%. It is more difficult to work with topics that are saturated with the terminology, but even with experience, it will be possible to achieve the required uniqueness. 

● Learn how to process information. Most often, especially in freelance writer jobs with unfamiliar topics, you will have to re-read material from other articles. In this case, it is important to be able not to follow the footsteps of someone else's text, but, having studied several articles, to present the material in a free form, separating the necessary from the unnecessary. 

● Even though automatic text verification programs are growing and improving, literacy is important for an online writer. The program itself will emphasize elementary spelling errors, but the subtleties of punctuation can be overlooked. 

● It is important to be able to build a phrase following the literary language. The texts should be interesting for people. The ability to write interestingly can be a natural talent, but you can develop it. A person quickly gets tired reading an incomprehensible, full of terms and full of complex revolutions text.

 There are many opportunities to start a career as a writer on any freelance writer site and in particular Floctopus. Freelance writer jobs need to use all skills to implement most of them. You can be a freelancer on an ongoing basis, turning writing into a source of livelihood, or use it as additional earning, supplementing the income from your main job. Besides, you can do this for fun, or hone your skills, adding to the list of abilities in your resume.

How to choose a writer for your site?

In the abundance of offers of “quality, unique and inexpensive content” from any online freelance writer, it is easy to get lost. It is very simple to give money for an order, and in return to get a slightly modified text from a competitor site or a completely unreadable mixture of letters and punctuation. You can reduce the risk of getting a bad text to zero if you carefully study the proposals of freelance writer services on Floctopus. It is a freelance writer resource which helps to find the person who writes texts to order without engaging in employment with any company or publishing house that acts as a small entrepreneur or independent contractor. 

A good writer from Floctopus freelance writer market should:

 ● Always write correctly - in the announcement of his services, in Skype or e-mail correspondence; 

● Value his services above average or expensive (depends on the authority of the writer); 

●Have a minimum portfolio and reviews of previous customers; 

● Guarantee the quality of freelance writer jobs and money back in case of improper performance of work. If the candidate you have chosen on freelance writer site meets at least the first three requirements, you can safely send him the task and make a prepayment. Almost all writers work on a prepaid basis. So they try to protect themselves from negligent customers.

If the candidate you have chosen on freelance writer site meets at least the first three requirements, you can safely send him the task and make a prepayment. Almost all writers work on a prepaid basis. So they try to protect themselves from negligent customers.

How can freelance writer jobs help customers?

Floctopus is an ideal way to solve small technical problems that take a lot of time. The main thing is to approach this matter wisely. In the beginning, you will have to spend time building a team of freelancers and find out their freelance writer services. You can break the tasks into stages and assign them to different people. This significantly improves quality.

 For example, to write an article for a site, you can hire: 

● a student of needed specialty who finds all the necessary information;

 ● specialist in freelance writer jobs who will write the article. If he already has all the info, the level of text on the output will be much higher; 

● editor/proofreader who will check everything.

What are the pros in a freelance work writer?

With the development of the Internet, such a service as writing original texts has become very popular. If you are looking for a place to work, Floctopus is for you. A big plus of such a job is that you can work from home and not depend on anyone. Grammar rules, knowledge of SEO basics, ability to write sales texts, reviews, and others - that’s what an online freelance writer must know to earn good money.