Hire Freelance Illustrator

An illustrator is an artist who creates an image based on written text. A freelance illustrator needed to create thematic pictures in books and magazines. Beautiful illustrations on sites are his work too. The history of painting begins from the time of the existence of primitive people. Rock drawings are the first illustrations created by human hands. With the development of civilization, new technology began to appear. Every customer can find freelance illustrator nowadays at Floctopus.

What is the essence of the illustrator's work?

The essence of the illustrator's work is to create sketches and finished works for customers. When clients hire freelance illustrator they find out what technique the artist owns. After all, illustrators can have a wealth of different drawing techniques: 

● Illustration in the graphic. Artists can use black or regular pencils for this purpose and work in the technique of graphics. The strokes and spots and the presence of only one color of the lines can be used for such drawing. 

● Botanical illustration. This is a picture that is an image of the described object. It is commonly used in school or university textbooks. 

● The illustration is technical. These are all kinds of paintings that are a compulsory accompaniment to all technical papers. 

● Illustration of a special technique. Sometimes customers hire a freelance illustrator who possesses such special techniques as origami, embroidery, molding, applique, and so on. 

Any illustrator from Floctopus can possess these techniques because different customers make versatile requirements for the freelance illustrator needed.

For what areas can a customer hire a freelance illustrator?

This profession is always in demand. Many companies and individuals are constantly looking to find a freelance illustrator. Even if there are no vacancies in the offices of leading companies, you can always find customers through the World Wide Web. A freelance illustrator needed in the following areas of business: 

● Publishing houses, editorial offices, printing companies; 

● Organizations specializing in design; 

● Advertising companies; 

● Individuals and organizations; 

● Foreign companies. 

You can find work in one of these firms. But you should regularly browse online job sites, forums and freelance channels, such as Floctopus, design sites. The scope of the illustration is quite broad. The customers can hire a freelance illustrator for the following fields: 

✔ Literature and press; 

✔ Posters - printing; 

 ✔ Animation - storyboarding; 

✔ Internet banners consisting of illustrations; 

✔ Advertising products.

How and where to find a job?

It is very important to consciously choose your path and your profession. It's important to know that you love your business. An illustrator has no days off or working days. The whole life is subject to draw. Even when you are unable to sit at a table and work, you are constantly set up to notice important little things around you. But how and where to find a good job which would bring pleasure?

Many customers place projects at Floctopus where they try to find a freelance illustrator responsible and dedicated. Therefore, you can register on the site and start searching for customers. This will not be difficult, as a freelance illustrator needed for all areas of activity. However, you need to create an excellent portfolio at Floctopus to be able to easily find a job. For the creative professions, the portfolio is an integral part of a successful career. The people you’ll work with will want to see the projects you have completed. Therefore, you need to collect and design a portfolio from the very beginning of your creative career.

How to create the perfect portfolio for an illustrator?

1. Carefully select the works you will present in the portfolio 

The most common mistake of newcomers is the desire to submit as many jobs as possible in their portfolio. This approach is only able to deter potential customers and employers. You should select only those works that you do not doubt. Otherwise, people who want to hire freelance illustrator and view portfolios may question your competence. 

2. Update your portfolio regularly 

You have not only to look at the portfolio, but also to update it regularly. Many illustrators simply do not have enough time. But at least every few weeks you should demonstrate the projects you have completed. Even the most original portfolio will not interest a potential customer unless it has been updated for several months or even years. 

3. Don't tell, but show! 

You only have a few seconds to interest in your portfolio potential clients. If you are an illustrator, design a portfolio in the style of your work. Remember that the first impression from your portfolio affects whether you receive an order or not. So try to interest the customer by your online portfolio from the first second. 

4. Take care of the navigation 

An online portfolio should encourage potential customers to hire a freelance illustrator and give orders, buy jobs, etc. Make sure your portfolio has everything the client need. Provide brief but comprehensive information about yourself. Do not forget about the contact details and links to profiles in social networks. The structure of the site portfolio should be simple and clear so that the visitor can easily find the information he needs. 

 5. Reviews 

When customers try to find a freelance illustrator, they trust other people's thoughts. Find a place in your Floctopus online portfolio for feedback on your work. Thoughts of satisfied customers will push potential customers to decide in your favor. 

The illustrator's profession is required in all areas of activity. However, not every successful and talented illustrator can find a job. So Floctopus is the solution to your job search problem. Sign up, create a portfolio, work, get reviews, and earn.